Sullivan: Clown epidemic should be taken seriously

One trend with the internet and social media is that people online have a tendency to take things too far. This rings true for the latest social media trend: clown sightings. Despite horror movies, these makeup wearing jokesters are rarely dangerous. However, these clowns may have a more sinister goal. The frenzy began in Greenville,Continue reading “Sullivan: Clown epidemic should be taken seriously”

SULLIVAN: Embrace your inner freshman

The good (or bad) news about freshman year is that it is only the beginning of your journey through Rockhurst. More homework, more opportunities, and more responsibilities are soon to follow. However, upon taking a retroactive look at my freshman year experience, I realize I had some great times. Nothing compares to the first timeContinue reading “SULLIVAN: Embrace your inner freshman”

New classes being offered for 2016-17 school year

This piece was published in the August 2016 print edition of the Prep News. This past spring, many students may have been overwhelmed by the amount of classes that were available during course selection. This year, a multitude of new classes and electives have been added. The communication arts have added Advanced Competition Speech and Debate, Introduction toContinue reading “New classes being offered for 2016-17 school year”