Isle of Dogs Review

If you’re like me, you often find yourself immersed in a movie. With a global pandemic occurring, there is no better time than the present to watch a good movie. Recently, I was exploring the works of Wes Anderson and came across one of his hit animated films: Isle of Dogs.  This film is a stop motion animation, created by famous director, Wes Anderson. With … Continue reading Isle of Dogs Review

Looking Ahead – Rockhurst Basketball

Rockhurst Basketball is one of the most popular sports at Rockhurst in both student attendance and student participation. Rockhurst’s skill level and student engagement will definitely look different this year. Coach Campbell and the Hawklets will look at the disappointing season last year and hope to capitalize on it, being a Senior-led team. Junior Miles White, Seniors Mason Thompson, John-Michael Gyllenborg, and Ben Walsh all … Continue reading Looking Ahead – Rockhurst Basketball

Will Clubs Be Possible This Year?

With the recent COVID-19 outbreak, there have been many changes made to the learning format at Rockhurst High School. Things like masks, social distancing, and the new block schedule have made it more difficult for students to thrive in a social environment. These new changes have left many questions unanswered for a lot of people, one being: “Will we have clubs this year and what … Continue reading Will Clubs Be Possible This Year?

Prep News Staffer-Tate Slaymaker

Tate Slaymaker is a sophomore, and a new member of the Newspaper staff at Rockhurst High School. Slaymaker enjoys visiting new places around the Kansas City metro area, meeting new people, playing sports, and being with friends. Slaymaker is excited to be a part of the Newspaper staff at Rockhurst because he believes that it is a great way to meet new people, and an … Continue reading Prep News Staffer-Tate Slaymaker

Lionel Messi Wants Out After 16 Years With the Barcelona

The world was shocked when Barcelona star forward, Lionel Messi, told the club that he wants out. As the days go on, the chances of Messi leaving are increasing. If this transfer takes place, it would be the biggest transfer ever in the history of soccer in financial terms.   Messi has a clause in his contract that states he can leave the club ten … Continue reading Lionel Messi Wants Out After 16 Years With the Barcelona