Obscure Clubs at Rockhurst

     There are over 30 clubs at Rockhurst. Clubs like Outdoors Club, Videogames Club, and Patriotism Club are usually the clubs people gravitate to the most. With there being so many clubs, some clubs may fly under the radar. These are multiple hidden gems of clubs that many people do not know about. 

       As a Future Business Leaders of America chapter, the Future Business Leaders of America Club, moderated by Mr.Martin Radosevic, mixes business study with career and leadership development. Topics range from investments, management, entrepreneurship, and marketing. FBLA participates in numerous competitions both locally and nationally.

       Piano Club, moderated by Mr. Jack Reichmeier, aims to bring together students who share an interest in playing the piano or have a desire to learn how to play this instrument. This club provides an amazing opportunity for beginner piano players to learn how to play, and it also serves as a place for pianists to meet other pianists, and to create opportunities for pianists to perform. 

       Visual Arts club, moderated by Mr. Tate Owens, seeks to deepen students’ awareness and knowledge of regional art exhibitions. Visual Arts Club intends to encourage talented students to continue exploring their own talent and creation of a portfolio of work which they submit to competitions. 

       Moderated by Coach Mark Bayhylle,  RockFit’s main goal is to expose the CrossFit fitness methodology of high-intensity training with the Rockhurst community. RockFit is open to all students, and even faculty, who wish to learn about the CrossFit methodology while picking up an appreciation for their current goals of health and wellness.

RockFit club meets in the weight room during activity periods

       While there are the typical and well-known clubs that are very popular around the school, these clubs are also solid clubs that you should explore. Check back for information on other lesser-known clubs at Rockhurst.

Service at Rockhurst

      Rockhurst High School has always taken pride in its service program, which they show through the fact that each grade has its own service goals to reach and the fact that Rockhurst holds an entire week dedicated to service called Mission Week. With all of these things going on here at Rockhurst, however, service can still feel more like a chore than a good deed and deter students from fulfilling their service goals. This leads us to the question of whether or not students here at Rockhurst are taking their service seriously.

Rockhurst students visiting a service organization booth.

     Rockhurst junior,  Harlan Westra, says that he does take service seriously. Westra gets most of his hours through the Chinese Club.  “I enjoy performing lion dances with the Chinese Club at places like the Nelson Atkins Museum.” However, while Westra continues to fulfill his service hour requirements he feels as though Rockhurst could “do a better job at building enthusiasm for service” and that it “feels tedious at times”. 

      Another junior, Jackson Bergfeld, also says that he takes service seriously. Though he doesn’t enjoy putting in the work as much as Westra does, Bergfeld does it by taking advantage of the service bar. “I’ve gotten all of my service hours through the service bar. We did things like help host runs and take care of people in nursing homes.” But like Westra, he too feels as though “Rockhurst presents service as more of a tedious act than something to enjoy taking part in.”

      As you can see, Rockhurst students just about take service seriously.  Though at times it can feel tedious to students, they work out of the good of their hearts. We can still say that doing service for others is still taken seriously at Rockhurst High School.

City of Stars

     The Los Angeles Lakers are a storied franchise who have some of the all-time greats headlining their rosters, while the Los Angeles Clippers is a franchise with no real playoff success and many years of being mediocre. For the first time, the Clippers and the Lakers are both contenders for the Larry O’Brien trophy. This year there will be a battle at the Staples Center, where both teams play, to see who the superior team is in L.A.

     In order to compare these two powerhouses, you have to look at each team’s roster. Also, you can’t only compare starting fives because you also have to look at the depth of their bench. While the Lakers have veterans like Rajon Rondo and JaVale McGee leading their second squad, but the Lakers also have huge holes in their backup small and power forward. The Clippers have the advantage when it comes to the bench simply due to the fact that they have an all-star caliber player coming off their bench in Lou Williams. Lou Williams is also a three-time sixth man of the year so he has experience leading a bench squad.

     When looking at the backcourt for each team I would have to give the edge to the Lakers, but only a slight edge. When comparing point guards, the point guard for the Lakers is LeBron James and the Clippers have Patrick Beverley. Now, this is very easy to tell who has the advantage here, Lebron has been a top 5 player in the league for the past 10 years and while Beverly is a good player he just doesn’t come close to Lebron. Moving to shooting guard, the Clippers have Paul George and the Lakers have Danny Green. This is similar to Lebron and Beverley where these two guys skill levels are so far apart that it isn’t a competition. George just came off an MVP finalist season and Danny Green just became an NBA Finals champion. The reason I give the edge to the Lakers is that Lebron is such a game-changer that it’s almost impossible to ignore his case even in his age for the best player in the league.

     The backcourt for both of these teams are very talented, but once again a slight edge should be given to the Lakers. The Clippers have Kawhi Leonard at Small Forward and the Lakers have Kyle Kuzma. Kyle Kuzma is a great young talent with a very bright future, but he is not as good as Leonard. Leonard just came off a season where he led a Toronto team to an NBA Finals against one of the greatest teams in NBA history and became the Finals MVP for the second time in his career. The Power Forward for the Lakers is Anthony Davis and the Clippers have Montrezl Harrell. Anthony Davis has been the best power forward in the league for a while now and Harrell just came off a sixth man of the year finalist. Once again this a pretty obvious decision with Anthony Davis being the better player. Now comparing the starting centers for each of these teams is where it starts getting kind of close. The starting center for the Lakers is Dwight Howard, since DeMarcus Cousins is injured, and the Clippers have Ivica Zubac. These two guys are actually kind of opposites in the sense that Zubac is on the track of becoming a very good center, while Dwight Howard is on the downswing of his career. At this point in Dwight’s career, he is better than Zubac, but in two years the opinion may change. 


     When it comes down to a seven-game series, I would give it to the Clippers, not only because ai think they have a better team, but they also have a better head coach. Doc Rivers is a better coach in comparison to Frank Vogel because Doc has championship experience with his former Celtic teams and has been with this Clippers for the last six years, while Vogel has been bouncing from team to team. If it does come down to a playoff matchup between the Clippers and Laker for the support of the city of Los Angeles, the honor would be given to the Clippers.

NLE Choppa

     NLE Choppa, born Bryson Potts, is only sixteen years old, but, man, he’s got a lot going for him. NLE Choppa is Memphis rapper who made his way onto the Billboard Hot 100 in early May of 2019. His song “Shotta Flow” ranked in at ninety-six on the Hot 100 Billboard charts. NLE Choppa has an astounding 9.7 million U.S. streams coupled with an also impressive 1,000 downloads.

     NLE Choppa is a big deal; he even came in at number eleven on the Emerging Artists chart, which is why he was offered $3,000,000 to sign a record label. Here’s the kicker though: he’s been shutting down the labels. NLE Choppa says he has turned down the deals because he knows his worth and feels like his potential is worth more than $3,000,000. NLE claims he hopes to take NLE (No Love Entertainment) into his own record label. For now, though, NLE Choppa is a young independent artist, and he’s booming. 

People of Rockhurst- Carter Lange

Behind the Lens

One can almost always spot him on the baseline or in the back of the endzone, aiming his lens at Rockhurst athletes year round. Carter Lange is passionate about pictures, and he can be found at nearly every big event at the school.

He was introduced to photography in  Ms. Lehane’s in Photography class his junior year. Ever since, he has developed his skills through hard work, trial and error, and a natural eye for style. Lange said, “In Ms. Lehane’s class I rented out a camera a week earlier than anyone else and immediately went to work. I jumped at every opportunity I could to get behind the lens and picked up the basics through practice.”

Ever since, Lange has made it his mission to become the best photographer he can, and has now become a photo editor for both the Prep News and the yearbook. “I think that these publications are great,” Lange said, “and I think that they are a good place to showcase my hard work.” Lange specializes in sports photography and has already captured some iconic shots in both football and basketball.

In fact, it was because of his knack for basketball pictures that he has found his latest job. Carter now works for 20/20 Productions, a photography duo that shoots high school basketball games and profits off of their pictures. “20/20 has given me a great opportunity to not only develop my skills but to be able to say that I am a professional photographer at 17,” Lange said.

Lange looks to continue his photography in college, most likely at Kansas State University. “Photography has taken over my life, and it is probably what I want to do for the rest of it,” Lange said.

Mock Draft Picks

The NFL Draft day one has finally arrived.  Here are my picks for the first round.

  1. Cardinals – Kyler Murray – Oklahoma, QB.
  2. 49ers – Nick Bosa –  Ohio State, Edge
  3. Jets – Josh Allen – Kentucky, Edge
  4. Raiders – Devin White – LSU, LB
  5.  Bucs – Quinnen Williams – Alabama, DL
  6. Giants – Dwayne Haskins – Ohio State, QB
  7. Jaguars – Jawaan Taylor – Florida, OT
  8. Lions – Rashan Gary – Michigan, Edge
  9. Bills – Jonah Williams – Alabama, OT
  10. Broncos – Drew Lock – Missouri, QB
  11. Bengals – Devin Bush – Michigan, LB
  12. Packers – Ed Oliver – Houston, DL
  13. Dolphins – Montez Sweat – Mississippi State, Edge
  14. Falcons –  Cody Ford – Oklahoma, OT
  15. Redskins – Daniel Jones – Duke, QB
  16. Panthers – Brian Burns – Florida State, Edge
  17. Giants (via Browns) – Clelin Ferrell – Clemson, Edge
  18. Vikings – Andre Dillard – Washington State, OT
  19. Titans – T.J. Hockenson – Iowa, TE
  20. Steelers – Greedy Williams – LSU, CB
  21. Seahawks – Taylor Rapp – Washington, S
  22. Ravens – D.K. Metcalf – Ole Miss, WR
  23. Texans – Byron Murphy – Washington, CB
  24. Raiders (via Bears) – Noah Fant – Iowa, TE
  25. Eagles – Josh Jacobs – Alabama, RB
  26. Colts – Jeffrey Simmons – Mississippi State, DL
  27. Raiders (via Cowboys) – Rock Ya-Sin – Temple, CB
  28. Chargers – A.J. Brown – Ole Miss, WR
  29. Chiefs – Garrett Bradbury – North Carolina State, C
  30. Packers (via Saints) – Nasir Adderley – Delaware, S
  31. Rams – Christian Wilkins – Clemson, DL
  32. Patriots – Jonathan Abram – Mississippi State, S


People of Rockhurst-Aidan Lee


Aidan Lee

     Aidan Lee, a young and open-minded eighteen-year-old senior leads a very interesting life. He starts off his usual school day by waking up “just in time” to get to school. Lee rushes out to his silver VW and starts his cruise to The Rock with some old school Jimi Hendrix and some classic Kanye West.

     He arrives promptly at 7:59 and makes his way to his first class. A normal class day for Lee involves the rigor of Spanish IV, KC History, Coach Mo, and many others.

     Lee is a big-time Lacrosse fanatic and plays on the Rockhurst Varsity Lacrosse team. Lacrosse is one of Aidan’s favorite activities. His speed is one of his best abilities, and he prides himself on it. After a long day of school, workouts, and training, Lee likes to spend the rest of his nights comfortably chilling, watching movies, and SportsCenter. He’s a big fan of the Stephen A. Smith show. Lee also watches lots of comedies and action and adventure movies to pass the time. Lee lives a very busy, but however, balanced lifestyle. The perfect mix of calm and hard.  

People of Rockhurst-Johnny Heos


Johnny Heos

 Taking one look at Johnny Heos it isn’t hard to infer that he’s not your basic Rockhurst student. His hair is a little too long, and his shirts are a little too groovy for Coach Mo. Yet Heos continuously reigns academically superior in the Rockhurst community. In addition to acing his classes, Heos works nearly full time and financially supports himself.

      As a full-time carpenter with his father in addition to being a full-time student, it is safe to say that Heos has his plate full. “You would think that I’d be overwhelmed, but I’m not,” says Heos, “it’s always good to stay busy.” With his busy schedule, Heos enjoys spending time with his girlfriend and playing basketball with his “boys”.

    “The most important thing about being busy is creating downtime and I’m a down to earth guy,” Heos said. He admits that he has unorthodox methods and that many people are surprised that he carries a 4.1 GPA. “I know I don’t present myself in the same way as some of the other good students but I’d still like to command the same respect.”

    Heos’ tale raises an important question. Heos feels that student image matters more than actual performance. “I’m not in any clubs and my hair is long but I don’t think that I command the same respect as the ‘typical’ Rockhurst student,” says Heos. Status may be valued more than production at Rockhurst and maybe even in the real world as well. Either way the moral of Heos’ story is to not judge a book by its cover.


People of Rockhurst-Michael Kuklenski


Mike Kuklenski after a football game.

     The alarm sounds at 6:45 on another Monday morning. Michael Kuklenski reaches out and silences the noise, then proceeds to climb out of bed, put on his robe, and make his way upstairs to eat breakfast. “My dad has poured Life cereal for me already, with a peeled banana.” Kuklenski is ready to tackle his day, where he balances difficult classes, football, lacrosse, and SGA.

         Kuklenski has played football his entire life and is set to play an important role on next year’s varsity offensive line. On the lacrosse team, Kuklenski plays goalie. Kuklenski also participates in student government as an elected class representative, his second year in that position. Kuklenski has said he is considering running for student body vice president next year. On top of all that, he takes several advanced/honors/AP classes.

         Outside of school, Kuklenski is an Eagle Scout in Troop 395 of Curé of Ars, where he attended grade school and attends church. Kuklenski enjoys spending time with his younger brother, Eddie, especially when playing NHL on Xbox. Kuklenski also likes to spend time with friends outside the walls of Rockhurst. He also loves bowling. Kuklenski has a lot on his plate and is excellent at managing and balancing his schedule. Kuklenski is a leader of Rockhurst in that he attends school events, encourages others to get involved, and leads by example with his positivity and effort.

People of Rockhurst- Peter Agnello


Peter Agnello

 As the cool, summer wind blows through the hallways of a large Tiffany Springs construction site, an old Toyota 4Runner, riddled with empty Redbull cans and Slim Jim wrappers. “I don’t need no money, I just need more tools,” Peter Agnello says under his breath. He steps out onto the dirt parking lot, with his hard hat and tool bag. As a low voltage technician, he installs data and auxiliary cables in a future retirement home. Many view this as weird, but Agnello sees it as a normal day.

    Hailing from the great parish of Visitation, Agnello has always been surrounded by his Rockhurst classmates. He spends his weekends eating at various restaurants across the city, his favorite being Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers. Peter enjoys listening to lots of old country and rock, such as Pink Floyd and George Strait. He is also an avid outdoorsman and will be traveling to Wrangell-St. Elias National Park in Alaska for the second time this coming summer. Agnello first went to Alaska in 2017 with the Outdoors Club and described it as a life-changing experience. He is also considering taking part in the TIE Tijuana trip with Rockhurst to fulfill his love of service and helping others. Agnello is a diehard Burt Reynolds fan and spends his rainy days watching movies, such as Smokey and the Bandit and Stroker Ace. From construction to chicken fingers, Peter Agnello is a man of many interests.