2020-2021 College Basketball Season Preview

Kai Barnes     College basketball is right around the corner and the top teams in the country are looking to redeem themselves after the season abruptly ended before the March Madness tournament could even begin. Although the new season is ahead of them, new restrictions due to COVID-19 will make this season very different from previous seasons and some questions are raised.      Despite how … Continue reading 2020-2021 College Basketball Season Preview

Haunted Houses in a Pandemic

Haunted houses are one of the most popular places to go during the Halloween season. Due to COVID-19, they might be look very different from last year. Some of your favorite haunted houses such as The Beast and The Edge Of Hell are planning to open soon with the addition of many COVID-19 precautions.          With nearly 35,000 total COVID cases reported since March, Kansas City … Continue reading Haunted Houses in a Pandemic

Quinn Stoy

Quinn Stoy is a member of the Prep News staff with many interest in and outside of Rockhurst. Stoy started his life at Rockhurst as a sophomore, transferring from The Barstow School. Although Stoy already knew many people at the school, it was not as expected. Teachers and classmates were much more genuine and kind than expected and the school environment was very different from … Continue reading Quinn Stoy

Lukas Pittman Virtual Interview

Meet sophomore staff member Lukas Pittman. After completing an interview with Pittman. Pittman began his academic career by attending St.Tarese up north. It is a shorter distance to his house than Rockhurst which results in a longer drive time. He is involved in the cross country team and the debate program at Rockhurst. Pittman enjoys running for Rockhurst to stay healthy and debates because many … Continue reading Lukas Pittman Virtual Interview

How Will We Recover From Covid?

The COVID-19 virus will most definitely go down as the most bizarre pandemics in human history. With our society being as advanced as it is, and how easily we were able to spread the information of Coronavirus precautions, there is no doubt that this event will be the most heavily documented pandemic to ever occur. But this begs the question, how will we recuperate from … Continue reading How Will We Recover From Covid?

Louie Curran- Prep News Staff Member

Louie Curran, is a junior and a member of the Prep News Online Staff. Curran attended Visitation and ultimately decided to attend Rockhurst High School because both is dad and brother went here as well. Curran was a member of the Junior Blues rugby team up until he brutally injured his leg. Curran’s favorite class so far this year is P.E. because of the fun … Continue reading Louie Curran- Prep News Staff Member

Joey January- Prep News Staff Member

Joey January, is a sophomore at Rockhurst High school. Januaary graduated from St. Peter’s middle school before making the decision to attend Rockhurst. January’s choice may have been impacted by his older brother, Jack who is a senior here. January is the manager of the Rockhurst swim and dive team, he manages the swim and dive team because his brother is on the dive team. … Continue reading Joey January- Prep News Staff Member