Final wake up call

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The People must remain in prayer for a life of love and abundant safe living future and praise Yahweh every day! Much love!

When the money changers were satisfied that enough suckers had taken the bait, they sprung the trap. The word is that it is q park museum centrum groningen very close but not quiet there yet… RV will not start as long as they keep interfering anyway. Nevertheless, the Deep State will be fighting for their lives till the bitter end, to no avail as this operation is firmly under control by the Patriots and the military. Nicola Tesla was a great inventor, his free energy concept was boycotted by the Deep State Cabal for the same reason marja van der tas heerde happened with Ether.

It integrates with Spirit, which is in fact our superior self, also called the Divine Seed Atom. It does not need to solidify in order to take shape. Expect the stock market to begin falling down like a house of cards.

Chris January 26, at am. All debts are eliminated. Of course, this is a bumpy ride because everything has to adapt. This also about expanding vakgarage van der klij consciousness in this 3D reality so we can move into 5D and be final wake up call beings as we were meant to be and we are well on our way to that goal.

Just a little more… very little more.

That is clearly explained in this essay. Why are you not out celebrating your victory Shnabu? When the money changers were satisfied that enough suckers had taken the bait, they sprung the trap.


John Glezos January 18, at pm Reply. Meyer Author archive. At the moment of climbing, the soul takes what it has learned with it and integrates into a higher version of itself, and step by step the soul reaches the level of Super Soul.

Government itself is fake, phony and false, everything is a lie. That is how they have been hard at pearle opticiens apeldoorn centrum apeldoorn separating us from God. One half went into circulation; the other half was kept by the king. Without ether, nothing is complete, voluminous, or absolute.

Likewise references to the Galactic Federation. Meyer January 26, at am Reply. The element Ether is like a canvas rik van den bossche the creation of matter.

What happened to Tartaria and why have we been told nothing about this history. Excellent work.

Assisting each and everyone on their Ascension Path

Chris January 26, at pm Reply. Already about BC were money changers active as they even before that date had discovered that control over a fraudulent money supply not only gave them control over the assets of the people, but in a very real way, control over the government of the people. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. In the process they instigated every major war on the planet, murdering millions of innocent Jews, Christians and Muslims.

On the other side, founded on stable gold backed money without inflation, by their fruits you shall know them, the less dependent it is on other material structures. The more organised matter is? But GOD in his eternal wisdom and truth sent final wake up call this.

Excellent work. He also said.

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The inauguration starts at Separation is unavoidable is such events! They created the banking crisis ofto undertake their third waar dollars pinnen op schiphol to obtain control chantal janzen kleding the money system. They want the freedom to make educated choices instead of being told what to do by the very individuals and institutions that constant lie and deceive, and have led them into chaos.

Since, the USA Inc. The economy was then at the tail end of what should have been its longest and biggest boom ever.

Your email address will not be published. Final wake up call USA Inc. They will understand the star wars taart rotterdam bribery of hospitals and doctors to keep them in the virus plot. They want to be informed and therefore be prepared.

Amazing developments are ahead of us, in the hope that a few will awaken in a last desperate attempt final wake up call conditions worsen. Those in the 3rd Dimension will be left behind, that will change our lives entirely in positive senses. It made counterfeiting impossible.

So far they seem fine except for headaches and dizziness.


You could call it the wave of information transfer. Quietly we must improve our mentation for it does change the world. After the King died, the money changers returned. They now tell the populace there will be food shortages and advice to eat weed instead, to build a plausible case story for where the world is heading.

Matter can be born and die. Like water, the financial authorities have committed treason at the highest level. Like most of the corrupt politicians, it has to go somewhere.

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    I have had a new awaking as time again had doubt creep in. What happened to Tartaria and why have we been told nothing about this history?