SATIRE: iPads roll in, locker unemployment rate skyrockets

2014 marks the first year that Rockhurst goes fully digital, meaning ebooks, notability, and myHomework now replace textbooks, notebooks and planners. But the consequences of advancing technologically are displayed most notably in the hundreds of lockers that are now practically useless. “I walk by my locker almost every day, and there’s just this awkward silence,”Continue reading “SATIRE: iPads roll in, locker unemployment rate skyrockets”

Welcome to the Prep News Online

Welcome to, the new and improved Prep News website. Here at the Prep News, we have wanted to improve and expand our online presence for several years. The current generation of Rockhurst students is one that increasingly relies on online sources to stay informed, and we feel that, as Rockhurst’s only student-produced newspaper, weContinue reading “Welcome to the Prep News Online”