Positive Moments of the 20-21 School Year

 Despite all of the tragedies of the last 15 months, there have been a few positive moments that deserve recognition. Some of the positive moments were from some Rockhurst men and others were things that happened outside of Rockhurst.          Junior Stew Myers said, “One positive thing that happened to me this year was I won the CYO championship.” The opportunity to play CYO was an … Continue reading Positive Moments of the 20-21 School Year

Chick-Fil-A Review

Chick-fil-a Spicy Grilled Chicken Sandwich Review Recently, a poll was sent out to all students of Rockhurst, asking if they wanted any restaurants to be reviewed, and what specific items. Below are the results of one of the numerous submissions. Unsurprisingly, Chick-fil-A was a top choice. The item selected was the “Chicken Sandwich.” Since there was no clarification of what chicken sandwich to purchase, I … Continue reading Chick-Fil-A Review

Ghost of Tsushima-Review

“Ghost of Tsushima” is an open-world adventure game that takes place in Japan during the Mongolian invasion. The writers at Sucker Punch Productions (The development company) paint a picture of a fictional story during the historic invasion of the Mongol empire. The story takes place on Tsushima island from the point of view of Jin Sakai, the leader of the Sakai clan, whose goal is … Continue reading Ghost of Tsushima-Review

2020-2021 College Basketball Season Preview

Kai Barnes     College basketball is right around the corner and the top teams in the country are looking to redeem themselves after the season abruptly ended before the March Madness tournament could even begin. Although the new season is ahead of them, new restrictions due to COVID-19 will make this season very different from previous seasons and some questions are raised.      Despite how … Continue reading 2020-2021 College Basketball Season Preview

Haunted Houses in a Pandemic

Haunted houses are one of the most popular places to go during the Halloween season. Due to COVID-19, they might be look very different from last year. Some of your favorite haunted houses such as The Beast and The Edge Of Hell are planning to open soon with the addition of many COVID-19 precautions.          With nearly 35,000 total COVID cases reported since March, Kansas City … Continue reading Haunted Houses in a Pandemic

Looking Ahead – Rockhurst Basketball

Rockhurst Basketball is one of the most popular sports at Rockhurst in both student attendance and student participation. Rockhurst’s skill level and student engagement will definitely look different this year. Coach Campbell and the Hawklets will look at the disappointing season last year and hope to capitalize on it, being a Senior-led team. Junior Miles White, Seniors Mason Thompson, John-Michael Gyllenborg, and Ben Walsh all … Continue reading Looking Ahead – Rockhurst Basketball

Quinn Stoy

Quinn Stoy is a member of the Prep News staff with many interest in and outside of Rockhurst. Stoy started his life at Rockhurst as a sophomore, transferring from The Barstow School. Although Stoy already knew many people at the school, it was not as expected. Teachers and classmates were much more genuine and kind than expected and the school environment was very different from … Continue reading Quinn Stoy

Lukas Pittman Virtual Interview

Meet sophomore staff member Lukas Pittman. After completing an interview with Pittman. Pittman began his academic career by attending St.Tarese up north. It is a shorter distance to his house than Rockhurst which results in a longer drive time. He is involved in the cross country team and the debate program at Rockhurst. Pittman enjoys running for Rockhurst to stay healthy and debates because many … Continue reading Lukas Pittman Virtual Interview

Will Clubs Be Possible This Year?

With the recent COVID-19 outbreak, there have been many changes made to the learning format at Rockhurst High School. Things like masks, social distancing, and the new block schedule have made it more difficult for students to thrive in a social environment. These new changes have left many questions unanswered for a lot of people, one being: “Will we have clubs this year and what … Continue reading Will Clubs Be Possible This Year?