Unfinished (lacrosse) Business

Thanks to last year’s abrupt end to the season, the doing of COVID-19, the Lacrosse Hawklets have adopted the motto “Unfinished Business” in the hopes to win a state championship. “Our shooting shirts say, “Unfinished Business” on the back,” said Junior Defender Franco Carroll. “We had a really good team last year and probably would have taken home the title, but the season fell short. … Continue reading Unfinished (lacrosse) Business

Will Wooden

For some, spring may mean that flowers are blooming or school is coming to an end. For others, spring marks the beginning of a new season. For Will Wooden 22’, this means that he is able to show the results of the months and years of hard work that he has put into one of his favorite sports, track and field. Wooden has quickly become … Continue reading Will Wooden

2020-2021 College Basketball Season Preview

Kai Barnes     College basketball is right around the corner and the top teams in the country are looking to redeem themselves after the season abruptly ended before the March Madness tournament could even begin. Although the new season is ahead of them, new restrictions due to COVID-19 will make this season very different from previous seasons and some questions are raised.      Despite how … Continue reading 2020-2021 College Basketball Season Preview

Looking Ahead – Rockhurst Basketball

Rockhurst Basketball is one of the most popular sports at Rockhurst in both student attendance and student participation. Rockhurst’s skill level and student engagement will definitely look different this year. Coach Campbell and the Hawklets will look at the disappointing season last year and hope to capitalize on it, being a Senior-led team. Junior Miles White, Seniors Mason Thompson, John-Michael Gyllenborg, and Ben Walsh all … Continue reading Looking Ahead – Rockhurst Basketball

Limit of Fans Allowed in Sports Stadiums

COVID-19 has affected every community, most notably, sports world. Due to restrictions, the ability to have a sports season function normally is doubtful. The stadiums look and sound very different this year. The NFL left it to the teams and local lawmakers to decide if fans could attend games in person. In week 2 of the NFL season, only 3 out of the 16 stadiums … Continue reading Limit of Fans Allowed in Sports Stadiums

Can the Lakers actually win the NBA Finals?

Since the NBA bubble opened in Orlando, the Los Angeles Lakers have been an interesting team to watch. Before the league shut down operations, the Lakers looked like the best team in basketball. , Lebron James and Anthony Davis, were playing great, and the role players around them were playing well, too. The league proceeded to shut down due to COVID-19. Since then the Lakers … Continue reading Can the Lakers actually win the NBA Finals?