Mac Walsh Trio Takes Battle of the Bands

On Thursday night, the McGee Hall left behind its identity as a place for theatre intermissions and occasional lunches and became home to loud, resonating music. The Battle of the Bands, once an annual tradition, was reinstated as an event to showcase the musical ability of Rockhurst’s most talented bands. The McGee was packed withContinue reading “Mac Walsh Trio Takes Battle of the Bands”

Counselors assist with another round of registration

The time for Rockhurst students to register for their 2015-2016 classes has arrived, and the school’s guidance counselors are playing a big part in it as always. Responsible for getting students into the courses they will soon take, the counselors are again helping each Rockhurst student decide how the next level of his education willContinue reading “Counselors assist with another round of registration”

Cold weather sparks parking conversation

As members of the Rockhurst community are well aware, the 2014-2015 school year has marked the implementation of several new rules in relation to student life. One of these new rules includes assigned parking spots for those students who drive themselves to school; a rule which caused a bit of controversy at the beginning ofContinue reading “Cold weather sparks parking conversation”

CPO’s last-minute application tips

As Jan. 1 approaches and Rockhurst seniors scramble to write essays and finish applications, the Rockhurst’s College Placement Office is simultaneously writing recommendation letters, sending transcripts, meeting with students and much more. If you have not yet located the College Placement Office, it is nestled next to the Pastoral Office, where you could also stopContinue reading “CPO’s last-minute application tips”

Reagan family welcomes healthy baby boy

Mr. Scott Reagan’s presence at Rockhurst has been constant through coaching cross country, making trips with Model UN or teaching history. On Nov. 5, Mr. Reagan’s presence was absent from Rockhurst as he welcomed to his family a new baby boy, Evan. Evan has been in good health and is doing great, according to Mr.Continue reading “Reagan family welcomes healthy baby boy”

St. James director visits Rockhurst

Mr. Doug Langner, Executive Director of the St. james Food Pantry, will be speaking during activity period today about St. James and the benefits it receives from the Harvest Food Drive. St. James is a Catholic parish located in downtown Kansas City, Mo. The parish functions as both a food pantry and soup kitchen forContinue reading “St. James director visits Rockhurst”

Rockhurst welcomes back alumni for annual Spaghetti Dinner

Rockhurst hosted its annual Alumni Spaghetti Dinner Thursday night. Founded by Father Pacelli SJ, a Rockhurst High School priest, over 20 years ago, the spaghetti dinner honors those who have attended Rockhurst with a spaghetti and salad meal provided by Flik Dining and Cascone’s Italian Restaurant. “It’s an old tradition that keeps coming back,” Mr.Continue reading “Rockhurst welcomes back alumni for annual Spaghetti Dinner”

Justice League raffle helps support students in need

The Justice League is putting on a school-wide raffle from Wednesday to Friday this week. The proceeds of the raffle will go to two impoverished students, who have been supported by the Justice League and the Rockhurst community for many years. Peter Kirimi Mutani from Kenya and Oliver de Jesus Perez from Nicaragua are sponsoredContinue reading “Justice League raffle helps support students in need”

Visiting speaker shares story of faith and hope in Mali

When he was in 11th grade, Ibrahima Kodio began to question his faith. Growing up in Mali, nearly everyone he knew was Muslim except for his parents, who taught him about Christianity. He began to wonder why he should believe something differently than others. “I started to think ‘why am I a Christian when myContinue reading “Visiting speaker shares story of faith and hope in Mali”

Junior John Leisman competes on U.S. national futsal team

Junior John Leisman was recently selected to represent the United States of America in Argentina as part of the senior U.S. Men’s Futsal Team. Leisman, who plays soccer and futsal for Sporting Kansas City Academy, attended a youth futsal identification camp over the summer, hoping to secure a spot on the U16 team. However, U.S.Continue reading “Junior John Leisman competes on U.S. national futsal team”