Seniors make Decision to Play College Sports

May 1st, National Decision Day, is quickly approaching which means some student-athletes of Rockhurst High School are making their college commitments. The Prep News sat down with a few athletes who have committed to learning more about their college commitments and the colleges they chose.                          “The atmosphere around college signing here at Rockhurst isContinue reading “Seniors make Decision to Play College Sports”

The Junior Class Gets a Closer Glimpse at the College Application Process

As the fall semester comes to a close, juniors are beginning the first steps of the college search process. The College Counseling Office, held mandatory seminars for all juniors December 7-9. These seminars covered topics such as ACT/SAT requirements, the transcript release process and how students should use Naviance. “There were three goals of theContinue reading “The Junior Class Gets a Closer Glimpse at the College Application Process”

Seniors compete in Tough Mudder competition

Three Rockhurst High School students competed in a Tough Mudder race on Saturday, October 8. Three seniors, Errett Mackey, Luke Kuklenski and Reed Slaymaker were able to complete the race at the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia, Kansas. The Tough Mudder is a 10-12 mile trace made up of several obstacles, ranging from mud crawlsContinue reading “Seniors compete in Tough Mudder competition”

St. Teresa’s teacher passes away

STA piano teacher and accompanist Steven Karlin passed away Oct. 21 at 29 years old. Karlin taught at STA for 6 years, where he was dedicated to the choir program, theatre department and GSA club. Students left flowers in his memory Oct. 24 at 7 a.m. in the quad. Rockhurst’s condolences are with its sister schoolContinue reading “St. Teresa’s teacher passes away”

Students share stories of college visits

During the latter parts of one’s time at Rockhurst High School, the amount of responsibility undertaken increases drastically. With growing concerns about grades and college, it can be difficult to keep track of these obligations. However, many students at Rockhurst are taking advantage of college visits in order to learn about information seldom found inContinue reading “Students share stories of college visits”

Shadow program offers glimpse into Rockhurst for grade school students

The shadow program has been around since the early 1990’s and allows freshman students to take a seventh or eighth grade student on a tour of Rockhurst High School. “The admissions office is getting to a point where we are getting about a little over four hundred shadows each year,” Mrs. Tara Hall, Assistant AdmissionsContinue reading “Shadow program offers glimpse into Rockhurst for grade school students”

Presidential Search Continues

On April 26, 2015 Fr. Terrence Baum, SJ announced to the Rockhurst community that his time as President of Rockhurst High School will be coming to a close after the following school year. Soon after, a search committee headed by Mr. Allen Roberson, class of 1984, was assembled to find the school’s 17th President. TheContinue reading “Presidential Search Continues”

Seniors Found Entrepreneurs Club

The 2016-2017 school year has been host to many new changes throughout the Rockhurst High School community. On top of the new schedule and learning commons, the Entrepreneurs’ Club launched. The club was co-founded by seniors Ori Taylor, Miles Perry, Danny Powers and Eli Snyder. The club plans on teaching students how to pitch aContinue reading “Seniors Found Entrepreneurs Club”

Defending world champion Royals struggle late in the season

A nine-game winning streak in Mid-August brought the Royals back into playoff contention, but a recent slump has the defending champs struggling to make up ground in the standings. After an 8-5 win over the Yankees on August 29, the Royals (74-69) have gone just 5-7, putting them a full four games behind the secondContinue reading “Defending world champion Royals struggle late in the season”