Positive Moments of the 20-21 School Year

 Despite all of the tragedies of the last 15 months, there have been a few positive moments that deserve recognition. Some of the positive moments were from some Rockhurst men and others were things that happened outside of Rockhurst.          Junior Stew Myers said, “One positive thing that happened to me this year was I won the CYO championship.” The opportunity to play CYO was an … Continue reading Positive Moments of the 20-21 School Year

Spectacular Auction 2021

The Rockhurst Auction, or “Spectacular”, is an annual event that raises money for Rockhurst High School in many different ways. Because of the circumstances, the auction is fully virtual this year. Bidding for the auction starts on April 13 and the virtual event will take place on April 17.  Through the “Spectacular Auction”, $2.7 million has been raised to support 48% of Rockhurst families in … Continue reading Spectacular Auction 2021

History of the Christmas Tree

  For most people, it is unthinkable to not have a Christmas tree with ornaments and presents under it when celebrating Christmas. Like many Christmas traditions, the origin of the Christmas tree can be traced back to pagan traditions. If not for Queen Victoria, decorated fir trees may have remained a custom that only a couple of Slavic and Germanic countries practiced. This is the … Continue reading History of the Christmas Tree