Q&A: Mr. Hicks on his unique teaching style

Students who have had Mr. Matthew Hicks as a teacher know his teaching style isn’t necessarily the most orthodox. Mr. Hicks often tells stories from his life in class, and his jokes are always popular among both his freshmen and seniors. Although “I digress…” has practically become his catch phrase, Mr. Hicks understands that hisContinue reading “Q&A: Mr. Hicks on his unique teaching style”

Visiting speaker shares story of faith and hope in Mali

When he was in 11th grade, Ibrahima Kodio began to question his faith. Growing up in Mali, nearly everyone he knew was Muslim except for his parents, who taught him about Christianity. He began to wonder why he should believe something differently than others. “I started to think ‘why am I a Christian when myContinue reading “Visiting speaker shares story of faith and hope in Mali”

Sophomore goalie steps up on varsity

After winning the state championship last year, Rockhurst has begun a new soccer season in search for another title. But with the new year came the loss of many key players, including starting goalie Doc Reed. In need of a new starting goalie, Rockhurst found sophomore Nick Moyer. As a sophomore team goalie last year,Continue reading “Sophomore goalie steps up on varsity”

Q&A: Binh Ngo takes the long trip back home

For most students at Rockhurst, summer is a time for travel. But few students travel for the same reason as sophomore Binh Ngo. This past summer, Ngo returned to visit his hometown in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Binh answered the following questions detailing his trip. Why did you go back to Vietnam last summer? I went backContinue reading “Q&A: Binh Ngo takes the long trip back home”

Q&A: Bob Stutman, drug expert

Following his speech, I was able to speak with Mr. Bob Stutman about his early life, his time in the Drug Enforcement Administration and his calling to speaking about drug abuse throughout the nation. From surviving a bounty put on his head by a notorious drug lord to working to catch the killer of hisContinue reading “Q&A: Bob Stutman, drug expert”