New student-led band finds its footing

Every band dreams of selling out Madison Square Garden and performing in front of thousands of fans  who are singing along to every word of their number one hit. But before any of that can happen, the band has to struggle through formation and finding their own style. This first step is exactly what theContinue reading “New student-led band finds its footing”

Q&A: HSPT tutor, John Godfrey

Junior John Godfrey talks about his experiences tutoring prospective high school students to prepare them for the High School Placement Test (HSPT) which takes place in early January. How did you first get involved with the HSPT tutoring program? I was looking for NHS leadership projects and found an HSPT prep course for eighth gradersContinue reading “Q&A: HSPT tutor, John Godfrey”

Mr. Lawlor adds reflection to daily routine

Sophomore and Senior English teacher, Mr. Sean Lawlor, begins each class and quarter in an interesting way. At the beginning of every class, Mr. Lawlor takes a few brief moments to allow the class to relax with a small meditation time in which students close their eyes and put their heads down to slow downContinue reading “Mr. Lawlor adds reflection to daily routine”

Student Band Minor Drive has Major Drive for Music

It’s not often that students possess the talent and creativity necessary for making their own band, or can handle the responsibility necessary for managing one. However, Rockhurst juniors Henry Nickerson and Donovan Richart have done exactly this. Their band Minor Drive has already produced an album on Soundcloud, titled An Intro, and now have weeklyContinue reading “Student Band Minor Drive has Major Drive for Music”

Junior sells colorful clothes to students

Rockhurst guys have colorful clothes from all types of brands. Some of the belts, watches and bracelets you may see in the halls at school are made by a Rockhurst student. Junior John Mullen finds time outside of playing varsity soccer to make bracelets and belts as part of the John and Patrick Clothing Company,Continue reading “Junior sells colorful clothes to students”

Q&A: Jack Franke discusses the Prep News trip to DC

From Nov. 6 to Nov. 9, members of the Prep News staff traveled to Washington D.C. for a national journalism convention. I sat down with Jack Franke to discuss how the trip went, and more importantly, to learn what he got out of the experience. Why did you as well as other members of theContinue reading “Q&A: Jack Franke discusses the Prep News trip to DC”

Q&A: Yell leaders Andrew Mohajir and William Manson

As everyone knows, varsity football plays in the dome this weekend for the state championship. We interviewed yell leaders Andrew Mohajir and William Manson to see what goes on inside the mind of a yell leader and to see what they have to say about the upcoming state championship. How has this year been goingContinue reading “Q&A: Yell leaders Andrew Mohajir and William Manson”

Coach Mo carries on passion for music

Coach and theology teacher are just a few titles that apply to Mr. John Morris. However, among his less noticeable ones, he is also an experienced musician. While attending St. Louis University as a freshman, Mr. Morris found he had free time on his hands and decided to pick up the guitar. After teaching himselfContinue reading “Coach Mo carries on passion for music”

Junior bonds with father over football

Fathers spend time bonding with their sons by going on fishing trips or father/son mass here at Rockhurst. But Junior Timmy Wilkerson and his father, Mr. Bryan Wilkerson, do something a little different. They dedicate a whole weekend to father-son bonding over football every year. Starting in 2008, Wilkerson and his father have traveled every yearContinue reading “Junior bonds with father over football”

Q&A: AJ Taylor

TOUCHDOWN! AJ Taylorrrrrr! This phrase often reverberates throughout Vincent P. Dasta Memorial Stadium. AJ has had a great junior season and has drawn interest from some big name colleges. AJ recently was offered a full-ride scholarship to play football at K-State. Below is an interview with AJ about his experiences with college recruitment and thisContinue reading “Q&A: AJ Taylor”