Outdoors Club Traverses the Alps

This piece was published in the September 2015 issue of the Prep News ———————————————————————————————————————————– Last year, the Rockhurst Outdoors Club anticipated its first international trip since traveling to Ecuador in 2013. This trip, set for mid-summer, was a planned trek up to base camp on Mount Everest. However, due to the devastating earthquake that hitContinue reading “Outdoors Club Traverses the Alps”

Alum and New Teacher Begins Career with Physics Class

This piece was published in the September 2015 issue of the Prep News ———————————————————————————————————————————– A man of wits and wonders comes back to Rockhurst to share his excursions and teachings this year. Mr. Tim Nendick, graduate of the Rockhurst Class of 2008, continued his studies in Omaha, backpacked in Europe, and taught in Africa beforeContinue reading “Alum and New Teacher Begins Career with Physics Class”

Ex CIA Spy shares life story

On Monday, January 12, Mr. James Olson came to Rockhurst to speak in an event sponsored by the National Honors Society. Olson, Ex-CIA Chief of Counterintelligence, shared some of his experiences with students about his time in the Central Intelligence Agency and how he became a spy. Mr. Olson was on leave from the NavyContinue reading “Ex CIA Spy shares life story”

New debate teacher fills big shoes

Mr. Phillip Helt has some big shoes to fill his first year teaching at Rockhurst. When Mr. Donald Ramsey announced his retirement, the school had to find someone to replace the speech and debate coach of the last four decades, who earned Rockhurst an excellent track record and national recognition. Rockhurst decided that his replacementContinue reading “New debate teacher fills big shoes”

Junior expresses passion for coffee

While many students at Rockhurst work jobs during the summer and school year, few jobs are as interesting or demanding as junior Frank Paris’s job. Paris has worked as a barista at his family-run coffee shop, Parisi Coffee, since the summer of 2013. Although some consider baristas only glorified cashiers, baristas do much more. TheyContinue reading “Junior expresses passion for coffee”

Behind the scenes of pep assemblies

Pep assemblies are traditional among high schools for their ability to promote school spirit and support school related events or teams. While students enjoy and sometimes criticize the pep assemblies that they are subject to, they often do not consider the planning and effort that goes into creating a assembly. Rockhurst pep assemblies are producedContinue reading “Behind the scenes of pep assemblies”

Juggling club thrives after various changes

Strong leadership is essential for any club to succeed at Rockhurst. Charlie Gotschall, Tim Ripper, Parker Heinze and Eric Reeb were the leaders of the juggling club for three years and helped the juggling club become well known to Rockhurst students. All four of these men were members of the class of 2014 and haveContinue reading “Juggling club thrives after various changes”

Exclusive Q&A: US Senator Tim Kaine

Many Rockhurst graduates have gone on to interesting and successful careers, but Mr. Tim Kaine, class of 1976, may have the most interesting. Mr. Kaine is a US senator representing the state of Virginia. After graduating Rockhurst, Senator Kaine attended University of Missouri and then Harvard Law School. Senator Kaine practiced law for 17 yearsContinue reading “Exclusive Q&A: US Senator Tim Kaine”