People of Rockhurst-Jackson Pickard

    At first glance, you may not notice Jackson Pickard. A junior here at Rockhurst, Pickard leads a laid back life. He maintains a 3.2 GPA, (getting mostly As and Bs), and is a linebacker for the JV football team. Above all of that, however, Pickard is an example of your average Rockhurst HighContinue reading “People of Rockhurst-Jackson Pickard”

Obscure Clubs at Rockhurst

     There are over 30 clubs at Rockhurst. Clubs like Outdoors Club, Videogames Club, and Patriotism Club are usually the clubs people gravitate to the most. With there being so many clubs, some clubs may fly under the radar. These are multiple hidden gems of clubs that many people do not know about.         AsContinue reading “Obscure Clubs at Rockhurst”

Q & A: Rockhurst English teacher Mr. Lawlor discusses his podcast

To view the 250 word front page feature story on Mr. Sean Lawlor and his podcast, pick up the most recent print edition of the Prep News. Q: Who originally brought up the idea of a podcast? A: It rose organically in conversation with my friend Matt, a close friend of mine since we attendedContinue reading “Q & A: Rockhurst English teacher Mr. Lawlor discusses his podcast”

Humans of Rockhurst: Debut Edition

Read the debut edition of “Humans of Rockhurst High” by Josh O’Dell, Managing Editor of the Prep News. Josh plans on using this column to highlight the uniqueness in our student body, a diversity of opinions, and our students’ struggles. Damien Cortes “I want to be a doctor when I grow up because I feelContinue reading “Humans of Rockhurst: Debut Edition”

The Great Debate: Backpacks vs. Satchels

Most people don’t put much thought into what means they use to carry their school supplies; to others, this decision is more than a matter of function. For them, backpacks constitute a fundamental statement about oneself. Backpacks and satchels both allow easy access to things, and can be an interesting addition to someone’s everyday look.Continue reading “The Great Debate: Backpacks vs. Satchels”

Seniors compete in Tough Mudder competition

Three Rockhurst High School students competed in a Tough Mudder race on Saturday, October 8. Three seniors, Errett Mackey, Luke Kuklenski and Reed Slaymaker were able to complete the race at the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia, Kansas. The Tough Mudder is a 10-12 mile trace made up of several obstacles, ranging from mud crawlsContinue reading “Seniors compete in Tough Mudder competition”

Students share stories of college visits

During the latter parts of one’s time at Rockhurst High School, the amount of responsibility undertaken increases drastically. With growing concerns about grades and college, it can be difficult to keep track of these obligations. However, many students at Rockhurst are taking advantage of college visits in order to learn about information seldom found inContinue reading “Students share stories of college visits”

Shadow program offers glimpse into Rockhurst for grade school students

The shadow program has been around since the early 1990’s and allows freshman students to take a seventh or eighth grade student on a tour of Rockhurst High School. “The admissions office is getting to a point where we are getting about a little over four hundred shadows each year,” Mrs. Tara Hall, Assistant AdmissionsContinue reading “Shadow program offers glimpse into Rockhurst for grade school students”