Debate Team

Rockhurst has many activities for students. With the continuous spread of COVID-19 in the community, regulations have made it difficult for club leaders and the moderators to keep these activities relevant at Rockhurst.The Rockhurst debate team led by moderator Mr. Phillip Helt, however, has managed to keep their season alive. The debate team has participated in quite a few tournaments this season and in a … Continue reading Debate Team

Quinn Stoy

Quinn Stoy is a member of the Prep News staff with many interest in and outside of Rockhurst. Stoy started his life at Rockhurst as a sophomore, transferring from The Barstow School. Although Stoy already knew many people at the school, it was not as expected. Teachers and classmates were much more genuine and kind than expected and the school environment was very different from … Continue reading Quinn Stoy

Louie Curran- Prep News Staff Member

Louie Curran, is a junior and a member of the Prep News Online Staff. Curran attended Visitation and ultimately decided to attend Rockhurst High School because both is dad and brother went here as well. Curran was a member of the Junior Blues rugby team up until he brutally injured his leg. Curran’s favorite class so far this year is P.E. because of the fun … Continue reading Louie Curran- Prep News Staff Member

Joey January- Prep News Staff Member

Joey January, is a sophomore at Rockhurst High school. Januaary graduated from St. Peter’s middle school before making the decision to attend Rockhurst. January’s choice may have been impacted by his older brother, Jack who is a senior here. January is the manager of the Rockhurst swim and dive team, he manages the swim and dive team because his brother is on the dive team. … Continue reading Joey January- Prep News Staff Member

Owen Lewis-Prep News Staff Member

Meet Owen Lewis, a 16 year old who’s on the Prep News staff. Lewis is a big Chief’s fan, and enjoys watching them play. Lewis’ favorite color is blue, favorite food is Chick-fil-A and favorite car is a Tesla. Lewis prefers online/virtual classes because he gets to sleep in later and it’s a lot easier for him. Lewis doesn’t play any sports but still enjoys … Continue reading Owen Lewis-Prep News Staff Member

Kai Barnes-Newspaper Staff Member

Kai Barnes, a junior at Rockhurst and member of the Newspaper 1 staff.  When thinking about joining Newspaper, Barnes wanted to try something new and possibly find a new passion he can pursue.  Barnes said his first two years were more enjoyable than this year because we were able to be a lot more involved with the school and not as limited towards attending sporting … Continue reading Kai Barnes-Newspaper Staff Member

Prep News Online Staff Member Henry Caprio

Henry Caprio, a junior at Rockhurst and a member of the Prep News staff. Henry’s time at Rockhurst has been great so far as it has been easy for Caprio to make friends and memories. One of Caprio’s favorite COVID-19 changes is that you have three classes one day and four another day, this gives more time to do homework. This brings about Caprio’s least … Continue reading Prep News Online Staff Member Henry Caprio