Album Review: The Doobie Brothers- Southbound

The Doobie Brothers’ new album, Southbound, provides listeners with a new twist on the band’s timeless classic sound. The band’s original hits, such as “Black Water”, “Listen to the Music” and many more have been reproduced and infused with a contemporary country twang and supporting vocals. The new songs on the Doobie Brothers’ most recentContinue reading “Album Review: The Doobie Brothers- Southbound”

Album Review: J. Cole- 2014 Forest Hills Drive

Rapper J.Cole released his third studio album today, 2014 Forest Hills Drive, named after the street he grew up on in North Carolina. The 29 year-old’s newest tracklist has been talked about for months on social media, especially in recent days after being leaked online. Overall, Cole’s album did not disappoint as he was ableContinue reading “Album Review: J. Cole- 2014 Forest Hills Drive”

New student-led band finds its footing

Every band dreams of selling out Madison Square Garden and performing in front of thousands of fans  who are singing along to every word of their number one hit. But before any of that can happen, the band has to struggle through formation and finding their own style. This first step is exactly what theContinue reading “New student-led band finds its footing”

Tracks of the Week: Into it. Over it., The Neighbourhood, Toh Kay, and more

Into it. Over it. – “The Shaking of Leaves” The first minute or so of this song is pretty underwhelming, with a two-note synthesizer backing, and a simple guitar piece. But as the song goes on, different elements are added to its instrumental identity. A little piano piece is occasionally heard, the complex drum beatContinue reading “Tracks of the Week: Into it. Over it., The Neighbourhood, Toh Kay, and more”

Interstellar Film Review

If science fiction and space exploration interest you, so will Interstellar. As has been the case with many dystopian films, Interstellar begins when the earth’s resources have been completely consumed, save for the final crop that has avoided extinction: corn. This corn, however, is plagued by frequent dust storms that not only kill the crop,Continue reading “Interstellar Film Review”

“Spirited Away” film review

Spirited Away is an anime movie, written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki, which proves to be the most ingenious work of his career. The film appears to be intended for a young, grade school audience, when in fact, it teaches universal lessons that are perceivable by audiences of all ages. The film redefines what oneContinue reading ““Spirited Away” film review”

Student Band Minor Drive has Major Drive for Music

It’s not often that students possess the talent and creativity necessary for making their own band, or can handle the responsibility necessary for managing one. However, Rockhurst juniors Henry Nickerson and Donovan Richart have done exactly this. Their band Minor Drive has already produced an album on Soundcloud, titled An Intro, and now have weeklyContinue reading “Student Band Minor Drive has Major Drive for Music”

Tracks of the Week: Tapes ‘n Tapes, Tim Barry, Tall Tall Trees and more

Tapes ‘n Tapes – “Omaha” I’m always into songs that sound a little different, if they’re executed well. How many songs are based around a beat that’s reminiscent of a military snare drum? Yes there are other contributions to the instrumental, like the nice plucky guitar piece and the deep bass guitar. But neither ofContinue reading “Tracks of the Week: Tapes ‘n Tapes, Tim Barry, Tall Tall Trees and more”

“Nightcrawler” review

“In order to win the lottery, you’ve got to make the money to buy a ticket” says Lou Bloom in the new thriller “Nightcrawler.” This line is repeated fanatically by the character throughout the film and is the crux of Bloom’s beliefs and dreams. Jake Gyllenhaal plays Lou Bloom, a young, extremely motivated and articulateContinue reading ““Nightcrawler” review”

Coach Mo carries on passion for music

Coach and theology teacher are just a few titles that apply to Mr. John Morris. However, among his less noticeable ones, he is also an experienced musician. While attending St. Louis University as a freshman, Mr. Morris found he had free time on his hands and decided to pick up the guitar. After teaching himselfContinue reading “Coach Mo carries on passion for music”