Halloween Haunt review

Ghouls, vampires, and creepy clowns are discussing their best scares in a fog-filled plaza. No, this isn’t your worst nightmare, but a scene of screamsters (volunteers and actors hired by Worlds of Fun for Halloween Haunt) at Halloween Haunt at Worlds of Fun. From mid-September to October 30th, the park constructs 14 different haunted houses, decoratesContinue reading “Halloween Haunt review”

Dear Josh: Column #2

Q: Hiya Josh-O! What can I do to be cool like all those other kids? I wear my hat backwards and everything, but they just make fun of me! Thanks for your help, Timmy Turner. A: Don’t you have fairy godparents for stuff like that? Also, welcome to Rockhurst. I had no idea we hadContinue reading “Dear Josh: Column #2”

Sullivan: Clown epidemic should be taken seriously

One trend with the internet and social media is that people online have a tendency to take things too far. This rings true for the latest social media trend: clown sightings. Despite horror movies, these makeup wearing jokesters are rarely dangerous. However, these clowns may have a more sinister goal. The frenzy began in Greenville,Continue reading “Sullivan: Clown epidemic should be taken seriously”

Survey: How do students pronounce certain words?

It can start as a simple argument, but it could end up dividing a family, a classroom or even a school. A word such as “gif” looks like it would be pronounced with a hard g, but the creator of the GIF format, Steve Wilhite, said, “The Oxford English Dictionary accepts both pronunciations. They areContinue reading “Survey: How do students pronounce certain words?”