KOUTELAS: Royals turn on speed at the right time

How does one put into words what happened at Kauffman Stadium on Monday night? One can mention any combination of words: stunning, amazing, dumbfounding. But none of those words can really give any justice to the Royals walk off win against the Chicago White Sox.  The Kansas City Royals are are deep into the playoffContinue reading “KOUTELAS: Royals turn on speed at the right time”

AGNELLO: Putting on the skirt one last time

I remember four years ago when I was a tiny freshman, and I went to my first home football game as a Rockhurst student.  I may have been towered over by seniors like Clayton Guy, but I felt like I was the coolest person for wearing a skirt for the Braveheart theme. There were St. Teresa’sContinue reading “AGNELLO: Putting on the skirt one last time”

SAVAGE: Working nine-to-five and what I learned

This summer, I had the great opportunity to work as an intern for a private equity real estate firm in Kansas City that is run by two Rockhurst grads. Understandably, this sounds like prison for many high school students. But because I have always been interested in business and finance, it was an incredible experienceContinue reading “SAVAGE: Working nine-to-five and what I learned”

SLAYMAKER: Chiefs missed opportunity in week one

With the Chiefs’ performance on Sunday, Kansas City fans have already started reading analysis of college stars like Marcus Mariota, Jameis Winston and others to revamp the team. While this may seem grim, the reality is simple enough: the Chiefs got beaten badly by one of the worst teams on their schedules. Kansas City enteredContinue reading “SLAYMAKER: Chiefs missed opportunity in week one”

Opinion: Bob Stutman Presentation

You are tired of hearing about drugs, and for good reason. The sphere of the average Rockhurst student’s life is constantly flooded with information regarding drugs and alcohol. Our school’s implementation of a health and wellness policy that encompasses regular drug and alcohol testing has forced the issue into the spotlight and has only intensifiedContinue reading “Opinion: Bob Stutman Presentation”

Blogs Rundown

The Prep News online hopes to reflect the voices and collective spirit of its staff and the student body in general. Key in achieving this goal is the writing of student blogs, which will deal with a variety of topics including human interest, the experience of being a Rockhurst student and general thoughts.