ORF: Check out these weird news headlines

Man makes gruesome discovery after finding 40 dead cats ‘stacked’ in freezers he won in auction http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/man-makes-gruesome-discovery-after-9092281   Cloudspotter films ‘angel’ in the sky as people brand it ‘a gift from God’ http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/cloudspotter-films-angel-sky-people-9088651   Smelling bad odors which don’t exist is a serious sign you should visit the doctor immediately http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/smelling-bad-odours-dont-exist-9089229   US student dressedContinue reading “ORF: Check out these weird news headlines”

Guest Writer: Fantasy Football Week 7

How ’bout those Chiefs?  This past week in the NFL was full of upsets and surprises, and I’ve got the scoop on who to add to cement your fantasy teams. Quarterbacks Alex Smith (Kansas City) — After a tidy 19/22 and 224 yards passing, Smith is looking more reliable from a fantasy standpoint. He hardlyContinue reading “Guest Writer: Fantasy Football Week 7”

Guest Writer: Fantasy Football Week 6

The recurring theme for this past week was, “wait… who?”  Surprise performances from Marcus Mariota, Adam Vinatieri and Martellus Bennett last week meant waiver wire chaos this week. I had some good suggestions last week (Sammie Coates, Jordan Howard and the Bills D/ST to name a few) and am confident the players below will helpContinue reading “Guest Writer: Fantasy Football Week 6”

Dear Josh: Column #2

Q: Hiya Josh-O! What can I do to be cool like all those other kids? I wear my hat backwards and everything, but they just make fun of me! Thanks for your help, Timmy Turner. A: Don’t you have fairy godparents for stuff like that? Also, welcome to Rockhurst. I had no idea we hadContinue reading “Dear Josh: Column #2”

Sullivan: Clown epidemic should be taken seriously

One trend with the internet and social media is that people online have a tendency to take things too far. This rings true for the latest social media trend: clown sightings. Despite horror movies, these makeup wearing jokesters are rarely dangerous. However, these clowns may have a more sinister goal. The frenzy began in Greenville,Continue reading “Sullivan: Clown epidemic should be taken seriously”

Season change opens the door to new activities

With pools closing and temperatures beginning to drop, students are now being forced to accept that summer is actually over. Thankfully, there are plenty of new activities students can take part in as summer fades away, and a new season begins. A new season means different weather, and fall weather tends to be a favoriteContinue reading “Season change opens the door to new activities”

Guest Writer: Weekly Fantasy Football Roundup

How’s it going, Rockhurst? I’ll be constructing a weekly fantasy advice column here on the Prep News Online. Week 4 in fantasy was eye-opening to say the least. Matt Ryan and Julio Jones overloaded scoreboards while Gronk and DeAndre Hopkins did the fantasy equivalent of wetting the bed. While I can’t legally guarantee these playersContinue reading “Guest Writer: Weekly Fantasy Football Roundup”

Dear Josh column: debut edition

Managing Editor of the Prep News Joshua O’Dell is known for having a dry sense of humor, often snarky and sarcastic. In this recurring column, O’Dell will answer questions from students sent in a survey. He will discuss serious things like college, but also light hearted things like Harambe. Enjoy! As a junior looking at colleges, whatContinue reading “Dear Josh column: debut edition”

ODU: State of the Prep News

With the new school year in full swing, we have all witnessed major changes and new developments within the school and the entire Rockhurst community. One of these new changes involves the Prep News and the Quarterly. Aside from new staff members, a new adviser and a new journalism lab, there are many changes comingContinue reading “ODU: State of the Prep News”

Roudebush & Niemuth Defend the Second Amendment

This piece was published in the December 2015 issue of the Prep News and was co-written by Forrest Roudebush and Jack Niemuth ———————————————————————————————————————————–—————– In wake of the recent 353 mass shootings this year, the American public is again debating the best way to curb gun violence. Many are calling for increased gun control, saying restrictionsContinue reading “Roudebush & Niemuth Defend the Second Amendment”