Video Gem: Cowboy Country Hip-hop Dancing

If you ever find yourself needing to learn some cowboy hip hop dance moves, do not worry. Diane Horner is here to help. In this video, she helps viewers learn how to jive with some cowboy hip hop moves. With the help of Heidi, TJ, Susan and Jamie, Diane shows that dancing can connect musicContinue reading “Video Gem: Cowboy Country Hip-hop Dancing”

Top 10 Tuesday: The top ten things Taylor Swift is trying to “shake off”

Taylor Swift’s new jam has been stuck in my head, and I really find the song quite annoying (fight me, @Tswift ). So, I’m using my Top 10 List this week to shake it off a cliff and out of my head. Here are the Top 10 things that I think Taylor Swift might beContinue reading “Top 10 Tuesday: The top ten things Taylor Swift is trying to “shake off””

Q&A: Yell leaders Andrew Mohajir and William Manson

As everyone knows, varsity football plays in the dome this weekend for the state championship. We interviewed yell leaders Andrew Mohajir and William Manson to see what goes on inside the mind of a yell leader and to see what they have to say about the upcoming state championship. How has this year been goingContinue reading “Q&A: Yell leaders Andrew Mohajir and William Manson”

Internet Gem: “The Bus Stop Dancing Queen”

From youtube videos and funny pictures, to insightful articles and meaningful human moments, the internet has it all. In this new recurring piece, Prep News Backpage editor Sam Holland explores the internet, looking for examples of what makes it such an amazing medium of communication, by sharing an “Internet Gem” each week.   This videoContinue reading “Internet Gem: “The Bus Stop Dancing Queen””

Inaugural Top 10 list: The top 10 lists we never wrote

So, this is my first blog post of the year. I was supposed to already post a few of these, but anyone that knows me knows that I kind of do things on the fly and at the last second. So Zach Klamann, our executive editor here at the Prep News, is forcing me toContinue reading “Inaugural Top 10 list: The top 10 lists we never wrote”

SATIRE: iPads roll in, locker unemployment rate skyrockets

2014 marks the first year that Rockhurst goes fully digital, meaning ebooks, notability, and myHomework now replace textbooks, notebooks and planners. But the consequences of advancing technologically are displayed most notably in the hundreds of lockers that are now practically useless. “I walk by my locker almost every day, and there’s just this awkward silence,”Continue reading “SATIRE: iPads roll in, locker unemployment rate skyrockets”