Starbucks Mugged with Christmas Cup Controversy

  This piece was published in the December 2015 issue of the Prep News ———————————————————————————————————————————– Recently, the Starbucks Corporation has been brewing up a latte of controversy regarding their minimalist cup design for the holiday season. The cup, which in the past has included “Christmas” like images such as snowflakes, ornaments, holly and snowmen, has been designed this year to be a simple shade of … Continue reading Starbucks Mugged with Christmas Cup Controversy

Behind the scenes of pep assemblies

Pep assemblies are traditional among high schools for their ability to promote school spirit and support school related events or teams. While students enjoy and sometimes criticize the pep assemblies that they are subject to, they often do not consider the planning and effort that goes into creating a assembly. Rockhurst pep assemblies are produced solely through the effort and creativity of students. The creators … Continue reading Behind the scenes of pep assemblies

HUNT: Cooling down competition

Competing is a key part of the Rockhurst lifestyle. I have only to walk into the gymnasium to see the pride Rockhurst takes in being the best, considering the numerous first place banners hanging from the walls. Admittedly, I have somewhat mixed feelings about competition. Competition is everywhere in highschool; I see it in grades, sports and even art. Everyone wants to be better than everyone … Continue reading HUNT: Cooling down competition

Student Band Minor Drive has Major Drive for Music

It’s not often that students possess the talent and creativity necessary for making their own band, or can handle the responsibility necessary for managing one. However, Rockhurst juniors Henry Nickerson and Donovan Richart have done exactly this. Their band Minor Drive has already produced an album on Soundcloud, titled An Intro, and now have weekly performances. “Minor Drive began when Donovan and former Rockhurst student … Continue reading Student Band Minor Drive has Major Drive for Music

Weekend Preview: September 19-21

There are plenty of opportunities for entertainment this weekend, September 19-21, here in Kansas City. Artistic, athletic and even spiritual events are on the rise, and all of them are guaranteed to provide for an enjoyable time. The 83rd Annual Plaza Art Fair is taking place this weekend at the Country Club Plaza and is available for attendance every day this weekend. On Friday it … Continue reading Weekend Preview: September 19-21

Weekend Preview: September 5

Written collaboratively by Trey Hunt, Sam Krebs and Mitch Morrison. It is easy for one to find himself laying around during the weekend with nothing to do, completely bored and listless. However, Kansas City is full of opportunities for entertainment and excitement if one cannot find it at home. Many students will be leaving right after school today and heading down to Sporting Park. This … Continue reading Weekend Preview: September 5