What Would You Do If You Had 24 Hours to Live?

For some reason, people live as if time is guaranteed. We plan our lives days, weeks, hell, even months ahead! All with the hopes that time will catch up and we will have something to do. It’s easy to plan your life out when you have an “unlimited” amount of time. Tomorrow is my lastContinue reading “What Would You Do If You Had 24 Hours to Live?”

Learn about the Football Helmet Tradition

Looking back on my four years at Rockhurst, one of the most recognized and longest running traditions in sports is the blue hawklet stickers on plain white football helmets. Although it’s unknown as to when the tradition actually started, it’s one of Rockhurst‘ most creative. It allows players to style their helmets any way theyContinue reading “Learn about the Football Helmet Tradition”

March Madness: Three weeks of Basketball

The month of March is good for only 3 things. Spring Break, St. Patrick’s Day, and March Madness. Though Spring Break is fun and a time to remember especially if you’re vacationing somewhere exotic, it only lasts a week. And yes, St. Patrick’s Day is usually the only time where you can ride on bigContinue reading “March Madness: Three weeks of Basketball”