Mad Men – Series Review

Mad Men: A Show About Advertisement This Review has SPOILERS!         Created by director Matthew Weiner, the television drama “Mad Men” dominated television screens across the country. Running from 2007 to 2015, the show won four Golden Globes and 16 Emmys while simultaneously captivating audiences with its combination of a 1960s high life environment and it’s realistic and down to earth characters.          The show somewhat tackles … Continue reading Mad Men – Series Review

Student Works During Pandemic

    In the midst of our new everyday struggle, many students have the opportunity to kick back, relax, and enjoy time at home. For some students, however, helping the city stay on its feet has become a large part of their lives. Whether they are cashiering at a gas station, sacking groceries, or even preparing food at a restaurant, their role in our community … Continue reading Student Works During Pandemic

All I Want for Christmas

      Many things stand out when the Christmas season begins. Santa Claus starts hanging out at the mall, your neighbor’s houses are covered in lights, and people are driving home with Christmas trees strapped to the roof of their car. What stands out above all, however, is most likely the music playing all around you. Whether you’re in your car, walking around the … Continue reading All I Want for Christmas

Staff Member Jack Kasper

        Junior Jack Kasper leads a calm, cool and collected lifestyle. Spending much of his time on the soccer field and in the books, it can be difficult to learn much about this student athlete.          One thing you may not know about Kasper is that he is a goalie on the JV soccer team. When asked about his soccer prowess, he said that he “put in … Continue reading Staff Member Jack Kasper