Exclusive Q&A: US Senator Tim Kaine

Many Rockhurst graduates have gone on to interesting and successful careers, but Mr. Tim Kaine, class of 1976, may have the most interesting. Mr. Kaine is a US senator representing the state of Virginia. After graduating Rockhurst, Senator Kaine attended University of Missouri and then Harvard Law School. Senator Kaine practiced law for 17 yearsContinue reading “Exclusive Q&A: US Senator Tim Kaine”

Q&A: Yell leaders Andrew Mohajir and William Manson

As everyone knows, varsity football plays in the dome this weekend for the state championship. We interviewed yell leaders Andrew Mohajir and William Manson to see what goes on inside the mind of a yell leader and to see what they have to say about the upcoming state championship. How has this year been goingContinue reading “Q&A: Yell leaders Andrew Mohajir and William Manson”

“Nightcrawler” review

“In order to win the lottery, you’ve got to make the money to buy a ticket” says Lou Bloom in the new thriller “Nightcrawler.” This line is repeated fanatically by the character throughout the film and is the crux of Bloom’s beliefs and dreams. Jake Gyllenhaal plays Lou Bloom, a young, extremely motivated and articulateContinue reading ““Nightcrawler” review”

SAVAGE: For the empty coffee table

As I started to ponder the idea of a blog, many things came to mind. The racial injustice in Ferguson Missouri, the effects of technology at school, or perhaps a wistful narrative about how senior year is going by so quickly. Then I thought, all these issues have already been covered and everyone knows aboutContinue reading “SAVAGE: For the empty coffee table”

SAVAGE: Working nine-to-five and what I learned

This summer, I had the great opportunity to work as an intern for a private equity real estate firm in Kansas City that is run by two Rockhurst grads. Understandably, this sounds like prison for many high school students. But because I have always been interested in business and finance, it was an incredible experienceContinue reading “SAVAGE: Working nine-to-five and what I learned”