Chinese 4 class makes lanterns

Rockhurst contains many different cultures intertwined within the walls our community. Ranging from more well-known cultures like Spanish or French, all the way to classes like Greek, Rockhurst tries to capitalize on as many opportunities to experience the different cultures of the world. Chinese New Year is one of those experiences that the Chinese 4Continue reading “Chinese 4 class makes lanterns”

MockState: Find out how Rockhurst’s Mock Trial team fared at State

Here ye! Here ye! All rise for the honorable Judge Judy! Court is now in session. Before the court stands the case of the state of Missouri vs Payton Reed. Payton Reed has been accused of killing the number one racquetball player in the world, Dan Whitley. Police discovered Whitley’s dead body in an alleywayContinue reading “MockState: Find out how Rockhurst’s Mock Trial team fared at State”

H*ck: The Issue of Swearing at Rockhurst

You’re sitting in heavy traffic, listening to the radio to pass the time. Your favorite song, “Broccoli” comes on, but some of the words have been censored, leaving it muffled and incomplete, unlike the buttery flows you’re used to. You’re outraged, but helpless. Some of these “so-called” curse words are generally not allowed to beContinue reading “H*ck: The Issue of Swearing at Rockhurst”

As fall sports prepare for state, winter sports are just beginning

As the fall sports programs start to head off to state, it’s now time for the winter sports program to begin. Hockey The coaches for the hockey club are Mr. Franco Olivier and Mr. Delaney O’Rourke. The team plays in the Mid American High School Hockey League (MAHSHL), which includes teams from Arkansas, Springfield, Wichita,Continue reading “As fall sports prepare for state, winter sports are just beginning”

Shadow program offers glimpse into Rockhurst for grade school students

The shadow program has been around since the early 1990’s and allows freshman students to take a seventh or eighth grade student on a tour of Rockhurst High School. “The admissions office is getting to a point where we are getting about a little over four hundred shadows each year,” Mrs. Tara Hall, Assistant AdmissionsContinue reading “Shadow program offers glimpse into Rockhurst for grade school students”

Faculty members share insight on their fantasy football leagues

It’s Fantasy Football season once again! Many of the students have already drafted, creating a buzz throughout the hallways. Little do students know that several faculty members participate in leagues of their own. For example, Mr. Max Magee, Service Director, partakes in four total fantasy football leagues. Most recently he went to Nashville, Tennessee for hisContinue reading “Faculty members share insight on their fantasy football leagues”