The Greenlease Memorial Campus

  In 1962, Rockhurst High School moved to its current location, the Greenlease Memorial Campus, from its original location at Rockhurst University. The Greenlease family became the primary benefactor, hence the name. The reason the Greenlease family donated this money for the new location was because of the kidnap and murder of their son, Bobby.Continue reading “The Greenlease Memorial Campus”

Football playoffs start with a win against LSN

This past Friday, October 20, the Rockhurst Hawklets took on the Lee’s Summit North Broncos in the first round of the Missouri State District Championships. The Hawklets ended up 7-0 victors in what turned out to be a defensively focused game. The Rockhurst defense provided their first shutout win of the season in what wasContinue reading “Football playoffs start with a win against LSN”

United States Men’s National Team fails to qualify for 2018 World Cup

The Word Cup Qualifying campaign for the United States Men’s National Team has come to a devastating end with a 2-1 loss to Trinidad and Tobago. This loss pushed the Americans into fifth place in the CONCACAF (The Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football) Hexagonal standings and ensured that they would missContinue reading “United States Men’s National Team fails to qualify for 2018 World Cup”

Rockhurst introduces new schedule

The 2017-2018 school year brings changes to the Rockhurst community, especially the student body. In addition to the new learning spaces in the building, there is also a new schedule. The new schedule adds a 25 minute activity period after second period to every school day, except late starts. With the addition of more freeContinue reading “Rockhurst introduces new schedule”

Juniors look forward to NHS induction

A certain group of juniors plan to make their college application stand out by joining the National Honor Society (NHS). As they begin this college journey, many juniors are trying to fill out their resumes with unique and eye-catching activities. These can range anywhere from sports to academics to clubs, but the National Honor SocietyContinue reading “Juniors look forward to NHS induction”

Winter Sports Update

Basketball: Over winter break, the Hawklet basketball team continued their season going 2-2 with wins against Smithville and Lincoln Prep and losses to Oak Park and Blue Valley. This brings the Hawklets’ record to 7-6 on the season. Recently, the basketball team traveled to Highland High School in Highland, Illinois, where the Hawklets took careContinue reading “Winter Sports Update”

Soccer Players compete on National Stage

On December 3rd, seniors Gianni Catenacci and Matthew Smith played in the High School All-American soccer game in Raleigh, North Carolina. Only forty high school seniors across the entire United States were chosen to participate in this prestigious event after finishing off their high school careers in the fall. “It was quite an honor toContinue reading “Soccer Players compete on National Stage”

Season change opens the door to new activities

With pools closing and temperatures beginning to drop, students are now being forced to accept that summer is actually over. Thankfully, there are plenty of new activities students can take part in as summer fades away, and a new season begins. A new season means different weather, and fall weather tends to be a favoriteContinue reading “Season change opens the door to new activities”

New third floor construction offers students new learning opportunities

Over the summer of 2016, Rockhurst High School made renovations to the third floor where the library used to be. These renovations include new classrooms and a new study area for students. The library has since moved to Xavier Hall. Some of the new classrooms on the third floor are “active learning classrooms,” which mostContinue reading “New third floor construction offers students new learning opportunities”