Will Wooden

For some, spring may mean that flowers are blooming or school is coming to an end. For others, spring marks the beginning of a new season. For Will Wooden 22’, this means that he is able to show the results of the months and years of hard work that he has put into one of his favorite sports, track and field. Wooden has quickly become … Continue reading Will Wooden

Prep News Staffer-Tate Slaymaker

Tate Slaymaker is a sophomore, and a new member of the Newspaper staff at Rockhurst High School. Slaymaker enjoys visiting new places around the Kansas City metro area, meeting new people, playing sports, and being with friends. Slaymaker is excited to be a part of the Newspaper staff at Rockhurst because he believes that it is a great way to meet new people, and an … Continue reading Prep News Staffer-Tate Slaymaker