Visiting speaker shares story of faith and hope in Mali

When he was in 11th grade, Ibrahima Kodio began to question his faith. Growing up in Mali, nearly everyone he knew was Muslim except for his parents, who taught him about Christianity. He began to wonder why he should believe something differently than others. “I started to think ‘why am I a Christian when myContinue reading “Visiting speaker shares story of faith and hope in Mali”

Varsity Football: Webb City Preview

Earlier this year, MaxPreps, a database with a wealth of information on high school athletics, set out to rank the most “dominant” high school football programs in Missouri over the last 10 years. Rockhurst finished second. The only team to finish higher? Tonight’s opponent, the Webb City High School Cardinals. It’s pretty hard to argueContinue reading “Varsity Football: Webb City Preview”

Varsity Football: Week One Preview

It seems as though the conversations surrounding Rockhurst football are the same at the beginning of every season. “Have you seen that schedule? It seems like it gets harder every year.” This year is no exception, and if it seems like the team’s schedule has been getting harder by the year, well, thats because itContinue reading “Varsity Football: Week One Preview”

Welcome to the Prep News Online

Welcome to, the new and improved Prep News website. Here at the Prep News, we have wanted to improve and expand our online presence for several years. The current generation of Rockhurst students is one that increasingly relies on online sources to stay informed, and we feel that, as Rockhurst’s only student-produced newspaper, weContinue reading “Welcome to the Prep News Online”