iDebate Over Phone Brands

This piece was published in the October 2015 issue of the Prep News ———————————————————————————————————————————– On September 9, Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled the latest and greatest advancements in the company’s mobile technology platforms. Among these announcements were the Apple Pencil, a tablet stylus used for graphic design and digital art, the Apple Watch x Hermes, a series of watches that combine wearable technology with high-end fashion, … Continue reading iDebate Over Phone Brands

BOUCHER: Tattoo stigma shifting

As a kid growing up in the early 2000s, the stigma associated with tattooed people always seemed to ring true. In pop culture and cartoons, tattoos represented the tough, deviant and sometimes villainous. Even when my class watched The Adventures of Tom Sawyer in grade school, the antagonist “Injun Joe”, was replaced with “Tattoo Joe”. My parents never forbade me from getting a tattoo when I … Continue reading BOUCHER: Tattoo stigma shifting

BOUCHER: Hollywood needs originality

On Black Friday at midnight, following the 2014 thanksgiving season, Disney and Lucasfilms finally released the teaser trailer for the new Star Wars movie that will come out in 2015. The movie will be the seventh in the series. Excited about the film, and disappointed about the wait, I went to IMDB to see if there was anything interesting that I could see in theatres … Continue reading BOUCHER: Hollywood needs originality

BOUCHER: Spirit contest is much-improved

This year, the Student Government Association is making changes to the annual spirit contest in an effort to give each class a fair chance of winning. In years past, the seniors have always taken home the win, and it has become the norm for the senior class to take one day off as their award. “Nearly each year the Spirit Contest is adjusted, and sometimes … Continue reading BOUCHER: Spirit contest is much-improved

Coach Mo carries on passion for music

Coach and theology teacher are just a few titles that apply to Mr. John Morris. However, among his less noticeable ones, he is also an experienced musician. While attending St. Louis University as a freshman, Mr. Morris found he had free time on his hands and decided to pick up the guitar. After teaching himself to play, he began performing church music for the college … Continue reading Coach Mo carries on passion for music

Rockhurst welcomes back alumni for annual Spaghetti Dinner

Rockhurst hosted its annual Alumni Spaghetti Dinner Thursday night. Founded by Father Pacelli SJ, a Rockhurst High School priest, over 20 years ago, the spaghetti dinner honors those who have attended Rockhurst with a spaghetti and salad meal provided by Flik Dining and Cascone’s Italian Restaurant. “It’s an old tradition that keeps coming back,” Mr. Mark Blanck, Director of Alumni and Annual Giving said. “It’s … Continue reading Rockhurst welcomes back alumni for annual Spaghetti Dinner

SATIRE: iPads roll in, locker unemployment rate skyrockets

2014 marks the first year that Rockhurst goes fully digital, meaning ebooks, notability, and myHomework now replace textbooks, notebooks and planners. But the consequences of advancing technologically are displayed most notably in the hundreds of lockers that are now practically useless. “I walk by my locker almost every day, and there’s just this awkward silence,” an anonymous sophomore said. “I don’t know what to say. … Continue reading SATIRE: iPads roll in, locker unemployment rate skyrockets