Looking into the Rockhurst Mission

At one point in your 2018 Rockhurst career, you’ve probably entered the new learning commons (at least, I hope you have). On the last remaining wall of the Pesci Atrium, there is printed the Rockhurst High School Mission Statement. Almost every student walks past these words every day on our way to class. However, howContinue reading “Looking into the Rockhurst Mission”

Fortnite vs. PUBG: Which Do You Prefer?

The video game market has recently become oversaturated following the rise of “Battle Royale” games. A “Battle Royale” video game is one that refers to a Hunger-Games like experience in which a certain number of players are put into the same area and the last man standing wins. Currently, two games have gained the topContinue reading “Fortnite vs. PUBG: Which Do You Prefer?”

Mock Trial team takes 5th in the World

On Thursday, November 16, the Rockhurst Mock Trial team traveled to the Mock Trial World Championship in New York and earned global recognition. Hosted by Empire, an organization that hosts worldwide Mock Trial competitions, schools from across the globe assembled in New York City to face off for the cup. The event lasted 5 days,Continue reading “Mock Trial team takes 5th in the World”

Rockhurst adds new clubs to extensive list of extracurriculars

Rockhurst High School has just closed out its first quarter of the year, and some brand new clubs have been founded. Clubs have always been an important part of student life at Rockhurst. Students can join clubs like ultimate frisbee club or video game club to relax or have fun during Activity Periods, and canContinue reading “Rockhurst adds new clubs to extensive list of extracurriculars”

Should Rockhurst Keep Homecoming?

Rockhurst High School hosted its annual homecoming dance for Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors for the 2017 school year on Saturday, October 7th. Rockhurst students, along with their dates, fill the gym, where the dance takes place. However, most just walk around for around half an hour, talk to friends and their friends’ dates, and areContinue reading “Should Rockhurst Keep Homecoming?”