Movie Review- The Platform

     “The Platform” directed by Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia released February 21, 2020.  Originally written in Spanish now available in English on Netflix. This movie hits everything that could be off-putting, cannibalism, blood, guts, communism, racism, killing a dog, and murder. The show centers around, Goreng, and his voluntary experience through a prison-like area called “the pit.”       The pit you find out has over … Continue reading Movie Review- The Platform

Meet Miles Rivard

      Miles Rivard, a former rising star on the wrestling team, outdoor club leader, pro-life club member, and trumpeter. Rivard is also a scholar among being a passionate outdoorsman that enjoys off-roading in his truck.      Rivard has multiple hobbies outside of Rockhurst, “In the winter I like to hunt, a lot…. In the summer I like fishing and hanging out with … Continue reading Meet Miles Rivard

Still No Chicken

     Shortly after the release of Popeye’s chicken sandwich Popeye’s quickly ran out of chicken. This shocked the masses, the sandwich pitted Chick-fil-a against Popeye’s. This you already know though, but did you know that they are still out of chicken? Popeyes had a giant shortage that resulted in no chicken sandwiches to this day. Miles Rivard one of many customers who failed at … Continue reading Still No Chicken

Staff Member Daniel Owens

Daniel Owens a junior at Rockhurst leads an interesting life that includes playing basketball, doing schoolwork, and watching The Office.  Owens enjoys all things  basketball. In fact when I asked him about a famous person he would want to meet he said, “LaMelo Ball because he has been in the spotlight for so long and handles it well, and is a good basketball player.” Owens … Continue reading Staff Member Daniel Owens