Assassins: The Game of Survival

Written by Kirk Whalen and Evan Isom The game of assassins is in full swing and has taken Rockhurst by storm. The first round has already commenced with a great deal of water gun fuelled assassinations. “56 players have been assassinated since the beginning of the game, but even more were disqualified for not gettingContinue reading “Assassins: The Game of Survival”

Which SoundCloud Rapper are You?

Co-Written by Kirk Whalen and Sam Caprio Since SoundCloud’s creation in 2007, it has produced many independent hip-hop artists. These artists have a distinct and unique look and sound. A survey was sent out to Rockhurst underclassmen in order to find out which SoundCloud rapper they are most similar to. These are the results: IfContinue reading “Which SoundCloud Rapper are You?”

Seniors make Decision to Play College Sports

May 1st, National Decision Day, is quickly approaching which means some student-athletes of Rockhurst High School are making their college commitments. The Prep News sat down with a few athletes who have committed to learning more about their college commitments and the colleges they chose.                          “The atmosphere around college signing here at Rockhurst isContinue reading “Seniors make Decision to Play College Sports”

Rockhurst Sneaker heads

Sneaker Heads Over the last few years the prominence of Street wear culture has taken root at Rockhurst. Street wear designs have found their way into major corporations like Adidas, New Balance, and Puma. These ever changing brands are consistently producing new designs and concepts. The sneaker world is ever changing and requires constant replenishmentContinue reading “Rockhurst Sneaker heads”

Which Game of Thrones character are you?

Welcome to the Game of Thrones character quiz please choose either 1, 2, 3, or 4 for each question. If you found $50 on the ground, you would? 1.Take it to the proper authorities 2.Ignore it. Someone else will find it later 3.Take it to the police. 4.Pick it up and put it in yourContinue reading “Which Game of Thrones character are you?”