Ghost of Tsushima-Review

“Ghost of Tsushima” is an open-world adventure game that takes place in Japan during the Mongolian invasion. The writers at Sucker Punch Productions (The development company) paint a picture of a fictional story during the historic invasion of the Mongol empire. The story takes place on Tsushima island from the point of view of Jin Sakai, the leader of the Sakai clan, whose goal is … Continue reading Ghost of Tsushima-Review

Debate Team

Rockhurst has many activities for students. With the continuous spread of COVID-19 in the community, regulations have made it difficult for club leaders and the moderators to keep these activities relevant at Rockhurst.The Rockhurst debate team led by moderator Mr. Phillip Helt, however, has managed to keep their season alive. The debate team has participated in quite a few tournaments this season and in a … Continue reading Debate Team

2020-2021 College Basketball Season Preview

Kai Barnes     College basketball is right around the corner and the top teams in the country are looking to redeem themselves after the season abruptly ended before the March Madness tournament could even begin. Although the new season is ahead of them, new restrictions due to COVID-19 will make this season very different from previous seasons and some questions are raised.      Despite how … Continue reading 2020-2021 College Basketball Season Preview