Dear Josh: the Finale

Why do all good things have to come to an end? Well, if you’re at all familiar with the classic Christmas story “A Christmas Story,” you’ll know that, much like sunny-side up eggs, killstreaks, and human life, stuff’s fragile dude. Call it imperfect design. I’m pretty sure Aquinas wrote something about it once… Is Harambe a dead meme? Much like Harambe, memes can never die. … Continue reading Dear Josh: the Finale

Bell Not Nearly Loud Enough

After struggling for generations with a bell that just wasn’t loud enough to signal a transition of classes, last week Rockhurst switched to a more powerful, masculine bell. “I think the new bell is definitely more in line with the mission of our school,” Smicole Nith said. “For me, Rockhurst is all about overpowering others, and now we can officially claim the title of loudest … Continue reading Bell Not Nearly Loud Enough

Humans of Rockhurst High: Damon Ross

“I want to be a doctor because I broke my leg the beginning of football season and I learned a lot of things about the medical field from the experience. I started taking physiology this year, and it’s really interesting. I started thinking maybe I could do this for a living. My parents have been encouraging me since I was a freshman to get into … Continue reading Humans of Rockhurst High: Damon Ross

Dear Josh: Column #3

Rockhurst’s favorite solitary advice column returns once again. Due to the large number of submissions, some questions were set aside for Dear Josh: Vol 4. Enjoy! Q: Why do white trucks pull out in front of red mustangs? A: Reader, I am shocked and appalled by this heinous act. It infuriates me that even in 2016 our society is plagued by white elitists, even in … Continue reading Dear Josh: Column #3

Humans of Rockhurst: Debut Edition

Read the debut edition of “Humans of Rockhurst High” by Josh O’Dell, Managing Editor of the Prep News. Josh plans on using this column to highlight the uniqueness in our student body, a diversity of opinions, and our students’ struggles. Damien Cortes “I want to be a doctor when I grow up because I feel like I could help a lot of people. I don’t … Continue reading Humans of Rockhurst: Debut Edition

Dear Josh column: debut edition

Managing Editor of the Prep News Joshua O’Dell is known for having a dry sense of humor, often snarky and sarcastic. In this recurring column, O’Dell will answer questions from students sent in a survey. He will discuss serious things like college, but also light hearted things like Harambe. Enjoy! As a junior looking at colleges, what are the things I should focus on in my search … Continue reading Dear Josh column: debut edition

Prep News Movie Reviews

This piece was published in the August 2016 print edition of the Prep News and was co-written by Josh O’Dell and Jack Agnello. Suicide Squad  We didn’t realize how nonsensical the plot of this movie was until about ten minutes in, but by then we had already paid full admission for this god-forsaken movie. The only conceivable reason for a sequel would be so that Harley Quinn … Continue reading Prep News Movie Reviews