CPO’s last-minute application tips

As Jan. 1 approaches and Rockhurst seniors scramble to write essays and finish applications, the Rockhurst’s College Placement Office is simultaneously writing recommendation letters, sending transcripts, meeting with students and much more. If you have not yet located the College Placement Office, it is nestled next to the Pastoral Office, where you could also stop to pray that you’re applications are finished by the first … Continue reading CPO’s last-minute application tips

Interstellar Film Review

If science fiction and space exploration interest you, so will Interstellar. As has been the case with many dystopian films, Interstellar begins when the earth’s resources have been completely consumed, save for the final crop that has avoided extinction: corn. This corn, however, is plagued by frequent dust storms that not only kill the crop, but also increase the nitrogen in the air while simultaneously … Continue reading Interstellar Film Review

Q&A: Bob Stutman, drug expert

Following his speech, I was able to speak with Mr. Bob Stutman about his early life, his time in the Drug Enforcement Administration and his calling to speaking about drug abuse throughout the nation. From surviving a bounty put on his head by a notorious drug lord to working to catch the killer of his best friend and co-worker, Stutman has gained extensive knowledge on … Continue reading Q&A: Bob Stutman, drug expert