Overactivism Causes Harm on College Campuses

This piece was published in the December 2015 issue of the Prep News ———————————————————————————————————————————–  – Illustration by Noah Boucher   The name “Yale” has been in the news frequently lately, but not for the usual reasons. The university is not garnering attention for advancements in medicine or technology, and it is not making headlines for being aContinue reading “Overactivism Causes Harm on College Campuses”

Rockhurst Lacks English Electives

  This piece was published in the September 2015 issue of the Prep News ———————————————————————————————————————————– Anyone that knows me well knows that above all, I am “an English guy.” It’s true, I love English. It is my best subject, my passion, and could very well become my livelihood someday. It is natural, then, that IContinue reading “Rockhurst Lacks English Electives”

Mac Walsh Trio Takes Battle of the Bands

On Thursday night, the McGee Hall left behind its identity as a place for theatre intermissions and occasional lunches and became home to loud, resonating music. The Battle of the Bands, once an annual tradition, was reinstated as an event to showcase the musical ability of Rockhurst’s most talented bands. The McGee was packed withContinue reading “Mac Walsh Trio Takes Battle of the Bands”

FRANKE: Lets stop acting like the world is ending

We’re all familiar with the scene. The unsuspecting student walks through the lunch line with a backpack on—he simply forgot to take it off. The backpack causes no disturbance, and nobody is even remotely affected by its presence. But despite the lack of any tangible hinderance, the act itself is seen as a mortal sin,Continue reading “FRANKE: Lets stop acting like the world is ending”

FRANKE: Finals deal with more than grades

Finals are around the corner, and stress is starting to set in. To those of us that have been at Rockhurst for at least a semester, this sensation is nothing new. The sheer amount of content to review is enough to overwhelm even the most determined student. The late nights, the coffee and the stressContinue reading “FRANKE: Finals deal with more than grades”

FRANKE: Faith formation could use facelift

Rockhurst is a Jesuit school. As such, it has an obligation to educate its students in matters of faith and morality. The mission statement of our school expresses a desire to “form the whole person,” and goes on to list “religious” among the values it hopes to instill in its graduates. However, the current systemContinue reading “FRANKE: Faith formation could use facelift”

FRANKE: Surviving the Pressure Cooker

I sat in my sixth hour english class listening to Mr. Hagedorn discuss the phenomenon he deems “junior stress syndrome,” when a relatively simple question caught my attention. How many of you are involved in so many activities and interests that you can’t find the time to genuinely enjoy any of them? Without a word,Continue reading “FRANKE: Surviving the Pressure Cooker”

FRANKE: Why global consciousness matters

There is a lot going on in the world right now. The war on terror wages in the Middle East, the Ebola epidemic expands at an alarming rate, and the citizens of Hong Kong peacefully protest a Chinese dictatorship. Globally, we are at the crux of a tense period in history. But amid the complex,Continue reading “FRANKE: Why global consciousness matters”

Opinion: Bob Stutman Presentation

You are tired of hearing about drugs, and for good reason. The sphere of the average Rockhurst student’s life is constantly flooded with information regarding drugs and alcohol. Our school’s implementation of a health and wellness policy that encompasses regular drug and alcohol testing has forced the issue into the spotlight and has only intensifiedContinue reading “Opinion: Bob Stutman Presentation”

Junior John Leisman competes on U.S. national futsal team

Junior John Leisman was recently selected to represent the United States of America in Argentina as part of the senior U.S. Men’s Futsal Team. Leisman, who plays soccer and futsal for Sporting Kansas City Academy, attended a youth futsal identification camp over the summer, hoping to secure a spot on the U16 team. However, U.S.Continue reading “Junior John Leisman competes on U.S. national futsal team”