People of Rockhurst-Aidan Lee

       Aidan Lee, a young and open-minded eighteen-year-old senior leads a very interesting life. He starts off his usual school day by waking up “just in time” to get to school. Lee rushes out to his silver VW and starts his cruise to The Rock with some old school Jimi Hendrix and some classic KanyeContinue reading “People of Rockhurst-Aidan Lee”

NBA Playoff Picture

March Madness is upon us.  Once college basketball season officially ends, basketball fans turn their attention to the NBA playoffs. This NBA season has been an exhilarating journey. Full of rising teams, unexpected finishes, buzzer beaters, slam dunks, and historic performances. As the season starts to wrap up, teams are starting to make those finalContinue reading “NBA Playoff Picture”

Skins by XXXtentacion

     Now deceased rapper, XXXTENTACION, has new music available. His label has released an unfinished project from the rapper, called “Skins.” Skins is only 10 tracks in length and runs at just 30 minutes. The songs on the project are obviously unfinished, as they are brief, with skeletal production and unmastered vocals. However, thereContinue reading “Skins by XXXtentacion”

No Shave November at Rockhurst

     Facial hair is something that many young men use to show their personality, their creativity, and their own style. No-Shave November is a tradition celebrated by facial hair enthusiasts around the country. The idea for No-Shave November is to grow out all your facial hair for the entire month. There is a dilemmaContinue reading “No Shave November at Rockhurst”

Open House Recap

  Open House wrapped up a couple of weeks ago. Open House was a great success and students and parents around the Kansas City area came to see what Rockhurst has to offer.     Director of Admissions said that he generally thought that open house was “very positive.” “The number of applications and new people signingContinue reading “Open House Recap”