People of Rockhurst- Peter Agnello

     As the cool, summer wind blows through the hallways of a large Tiffany Springs construction site, an old Toyota 4Runner, riddled with empty Redbull cans and Slim Jim wrappers. “I don’t need no money, I just need more tools,” Peter Agnello says under his breath. He steps out onto the dirt parking lot, with his hard hat and tool bag. As a low … Continue reading People of Rockhurst- Peter Agnello

Outdoors Club

  Repost The Rockhurst Outdoors Club participates in several outdoor and nature related activities year-round. Events and club activities range from rock climbing at ROKC to hiking through the Swiss Alps. Club moderators are Luke McLellan, Tim Nendick, Jonathan Feder, and Alan Ratermann, the club provides students and teachers alike with opportunities to experience the outdoors and build relationships.   The club’s most recent trip … Continue reading Outdoors Club