Dazed and Confused

This piece was published in the December 2015 issue of the Prep News and is two part piece on LSD and Xanax, co-written by Sam Keefe and Noah Boucher ———————————————————————————————————————————–—— LSD According to the National Drug Intelligence Center, 4.5 million users aged 18 to 25 claimed they have used LSD at least once in their life. We sat down with an anonymous student who claims … Continue reading Dazed and Confused

Reviewing the Summer

This piece was published in the September 2015 issue of the Prep News , co-written with album reviews by Sam Keefe and movie reviews by Ciaran Molloy ———————————————————————————————————————————–—————— Straight Outta Compton I went into this movie knowing absolutely nothing about NWA. The only reason I knew Ice Cube was from Are We There Yet? And I only knew Dr. Dre because of his overpriced headphones. … Continue reading Reviewing the Summer

NBA Update: Trades, injuries and more

This article was co-written by Sam Keefe and Eli Pittman.  Updated Power Rankings as of January 15th. 1. Golden State Warriors 2. Atlanta Hawks 3. Portland Trailblazers 4. Memphis Grizzlies 5. Dallas Mavericks 6. Toronto Raptors 7. Houston Rockets 8. LA Clippers 9. Washington Wizards 10. Chicago Bulls 11. San Antonio Spurs 12. Detroit Pistons 13. Phoenix Suns 14. Oklahoma City Thunder 15. New Orleans … Continue reading NBA Update: Trades, injuries and more

Varsity Soccer: Chaminade Preview

The Hawklet soccer team is preparing for another run at the state championship this weekend with a Friday semifinal matchup against the Chaminade Red Devils. Ranked as the number one team in the nation according to MaxPrep, the Red Devils could prove to be a real challenge for Rockhurst this friday. “We always feel prepared before a game,” Junior Keaton Schieffer said, “I think Chaminade … Continue reading Varsity Soccer: Chaminade Preview