Brent Faiyaz- Album Review

       Christopher Brent Wood came out to the music world on January 19, 2015, as Brent Faiyaz with his debut single, “Allure”. Faiyaz would then release two albums and two EP’s after signing with Lost KiDs. Faiyaz’s newest album, “… The World”, made it big in the music charts and in my opinion is one of his best albums.      My favorite song would have … Continue reading Brent Faiyaz- Album Review

BHM Spotlight- Jesse Owens

With Black History Month upon us, there are many heroes that have impacted us. James Cleveland Owens, better known as Jesse Owens, was an influential track athlete in the 20th century. His four Olympic victories were a blow to Adolf Hitler’s intention to use the Games to demonstrate Aryan superiority (Britannica).  While at Cleveland High School at the 1933 National Interscholastic Championships, Owens won three … Continue reading BHM Spotlight- Jesse Owens

Christmas Movies

During the month of December, many families gather together and watch Christmas movies. Watching Christmas movies brings families together. Home Alone, How the Grinch Stole Christmas and A Christmas Carol are popular choices. According to Google, Home Alone is the most-watched Christmas movie. Home Alone includes conflict, comedy and ends with a good message. Home Alone may be one of the most-watched movies families, there … Continue reading Christmas Movies

Newspaper 1 Staff 2019-2020

The Prep News staff is growing. Students enrolled in Newspaper 1 class write stories for the on-line edition. The Honors Newspaper staff publishes the Prep News print, the Quarterly magazine and video content. Meet your on-line news reporters. Meet junior, Ethan Carolina. When Carolina was asked what famous person he would like to meet and why, Carolina answered, “Blueface, seems like a pretty cool guy … Continue reading Newspaper 1 Staff 2019-2020


      NBA 2k game hit stores on September 6, 2019, to the eager players of the community. This game gives the player a chance to play with their favorite team and favorite players in different game modes. Rockhurst students, Shane Bobo and William Pollard, had a few words to say about the new game. When Bobo was asked about the best feature in … Continue reading 2K20