Learn More About the Barry Commons

Pictured above is the Barry Commons, one of the most popular spots around Rockhurst. The Barry is a spot for students to work on homework and study for quizzes and tests. While the Barry Commons can often be loud and crowded, the several tables positioned around the Barry supply a great spot for students toContinue reading “Learn More About the Barry Commons”

NBA favorites: Which Teams do Rockhurst students like the most?

    Kansas City is home to many Chiefs, Royals, and Sporting KC fans. But, Kansas City is not the home to an NBA team. Because of this many people from the Kansas City area cheer for a variety of NBA teams. But, what NBA teams are the most popular among Rockhurst students. According to a GoogleContinue reading “NBA favorites: Which Teams do Rockhurst students like the most?”

Chronicle of Rockhurst Wrecks

One of the most hectic times for Rockhurst students who drive is entering and leaving the school parking lot. With hundreds of high schoolers who only have a few years of driving experience under their belts, accidents are bound to happen. Juniors Zach Burke and Tommy Mitchell along with Senior Bernie O’Boyle have fallen victimContinue reading “Chronicle of Rockhurst Wrecks”

Free Period Complaints

At the beginning of the school year Rockhurst began to assign students free periods. This decision has given rise to some students’ complaints about the free periods not actually being “free.” The free periods promise students the ability to go to designated spots around Rockhurst to either speak among friends, do homework, or even playContinue reading “Free Period Complaints”