Last Dance Review

     The highly anticipated 10 part documentary Last Dance’, debuted its first two episodes on April 19. The documentary chronicles the story behind the dynasty of the Michael Jordan-led Chicago Bulls, specifically their last championship. Originally scheduled for release in June 2020, but with the NBA season over, ESPN saw fit to move theContinue reading “Last Dance Review”

Black History Month in KC-Gordon Parks Exhibit at the Nelson Atkins Museum

As a whole, the Gordon Parks Exhibit was a masterpiece. Parks captured Muhammad Ali in different stages in his life, from the loud-mouthed, cocky, young boxer, to an evolving civil rights activist. Parks did an amazing job of portraying a side of the famous boxer the mainstream media didn’t want to show us. As IContinue reading “Black History Month in KC-Gordon Parks Exhibit at the Nelson Atkins Museum”

Obscure Clubs at Rockhurst

     There are over 30 clubs at Rockhurst. Clubs like Outdoors Club, Videogames Club, and Patriotism Club are usually the clubs people gravitate to the most. With there being so many clubs, some clubs may fly under the radar. These are multiple hidden gems of clubs that many people do not know about.         AsContinue reading “Obscure Clubs at Rockhurst”