People of Rockhurst-Johnny Heos

     Taking one look at Johnny Heos it isn’t hard to infer that he’s not your basic Rockhurst student. His hair is a little too long, and his shirts are a little too groovy for Coach Mo. Yet Heos continuously reigns academically superior in the Rockhurst community. In addition to acing his classes, Heos works nearly full time and financially supports himself.     … Continue reading People of Rockhurst-Johnny Heos

What Kelly, Pope, and Rockhurst as a Whole is Thankful For

Thanksgiving is a time to show gratitude, spend time with friends and family, and eat good food. I would like to take out our allotted space in the Prep News to find out what everyone from around Rockhurst is grateful for. Personally I’m thankful for the opportunity to attend Rockhurst, my wonderful friends and family, and Flik’s revved up meat sauce. I have a wonderful … Continue reading What Kelly, Pope, and Rockhurst as a Whole is Thankful For

The Prep News Staff Expresses Thanks

Sam Kidder I am thankful for my family and friends. I am thankful for all dogs, especially mine. I am thankful for Rockhurst High School. I am especially thankful for each day I get to wake up. Connor Dreyer When Thanksgiving comes around, it is always a good time for reflection and introspection on the small and large things that one is thankful for. It … Continue reading The Prep News Staff Expresses Thanks

NFL MVP Candidates

By Sam Linson The NFL MVP race after week 4 features three quarterbacks. Patrick Mahomes of the Chiefs, Ryan Fitzpatrick of the Bucs, and Aaron Rodgers of the Packers. These are the top QB’s in the league and only Aaron Rodgers was on the preseason MVP list. Mahomes and Fitzpatrick were not ranked in preseason list. Mahomes is basically a rookie and Fitzpatrick has been … Continue reading NFL MVP Candidates

Did You Know? Learn More About St.Ignatius

  It is no big secret that St. Ignatius is a prevalent part of the Jesuit culture we are trying to embody at Rockhurst. We know him as the sinner turned saint, who founded the Society of Jesus and lived about 500 years ago. Many of us learned about his life in Freshman theology, but if anyone is like me they are still probably wondering why … Continue reading Did You Know? Learn More About St.Ignatius

MLB Free Agents: Will Mike Moustakas Find a Home?

    Kansas City Royals fans know Scott Boras all too well, he represents Mike Moustakas and Eric Hosmer. But beyond that, Boras is simply just a super agent. Looking back on the most massive deals in the history of baseball, you could find Scott Boras represented most of those players. In 2000 Boras’ possibly most high profile client Alex Rodriguez inked a 10 year, $252,000,000 contract. … Continue reading MLB Free Agents: Will Mike Moustakas Find a Home?