Mueller Report Completed

A recent report from Robert Mueller, special counsel investigator leading the case on Donald Trump’s obstruction of justice, exonerated the president of his supposed ties to Russia. The Russia investigation, which has been going on since the 2016 Presidential Election, has been a dark cloud on Trump’s presidency. According to the report, Mueller stated that the investigation “did not establish that members of the Trump … Continue reading Mueller Report Completed

The Creation of the Learning Commons benefits Rockhurst

The creation of the Learning Commons in the summer of 2017 was an active attempt by Rockhurst High School to move towards a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) based curriculum, as well as to provide an area in which students can take the greatest advantage of their outside of classroom learning. The Learning Commons has quickly become a hub of activity, with many … Continue reading The Creation of the Learning Commons benefits Rockhurst

Make Way for Democracy

       Throughout the month of February, also called Black History Month, many exhibits, fairs, and events came to Kansas City in order to share and show a glimpse of African American culture. Throughout the city, there were certain speakers, art events, and cultural curtains that showcased what being black meant to them and tried to highlight the plights and pursuits of African Americans throughout American history. … Continue reading Make Way for Democracy

Rockhurst hosts 3rd Annual Don Ramsey Invitational

The Third Annual Don Ramsey Speech and Debate Invitational was held at Rockhurst High School between Friday, October 20 and Saturday, October 21. The Invitational served schools from all over the Kansas City metro, including Pembroke Hill, Blue Springs North, and Lee Summit. Overall, the debate ran smoothly, with most schools able to leave around 8:30 pm on Saturday. One difference between this Invitational and … Continue reading Rockhurst hosts 3rd Annual Don Ramsey Invitational

Wikipedia: Is it trustworthy?

Wikipedia is in itself a wiki. This means that anyone can edit the source, filling the articles with their own knowledge. However, the fact that anyone can edit the article calls into question the legitimacy of Wikipedia, because all editors can not only change articles, but they are also anonymous. Thus, any changes that are inaccurate cannot be traced back to the one who made … Continue reading Wikipedia: Is it trustworthy?


  Recently, the STEAM Council, a relatively new extracurricular program at Rockhurst that focuses on STEAM-related talks from students, teachers, and outside sources, brought in Eamon Duede to present. STEAM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math respectively is a new curriculum that Rockhurst is applying in order to increase interest in the sciences. Mr. Duede spoke at lengths about what he did, why … Continue reading STEAM Talk

The Significance of September 11

It has been 16 years since the tragedy that shook America and threatened the roots of our liberty and freedom. While many remember that day clearly and where they were, the class of 2021 has been the first group to go through Rockhurst that was born after 9/11. 9/11 might not technically be important to them, for they only experienced the the aftermath, not the … Continue reading The Significance of September 11

Book Review

 Literary masterpieces are few and far between, but those that are considered such often have far reaching effects on society. Books like Paradise Lost, the Odyssey, Don Quixote, and 1984 have profoundly impacted and oftentimes reflected the society in which they were written. The Official Preppy Handbook is an instant classic with deep insight into the lives of the refined and exquisite American aristocracy of … Continue reading Book Review