Limit of Fans Allowed in Sports Stadiums

COVID-19 has affected every community, most notably, sports world. Due to restrictions, the ability to have a sports season function normally is doubtful. The stadiums look and sound very different this year. The NFL left it to the teams and local lawmakers to decide if fans could attend games in person. In week 2 of the NFL season, only 3 out of the 16 stadiums … Continue reading Limit of Fans Allowed in Sports Stadiums

Kai Barnes-Newspaper Staff Member

Kai Barnes, a junior at Rockhurst and member of the Newspaper 1 staff.  When thinking about joining Newspaper, Barnes wanted to try something new and possibly find a new passion he can pursue.  Barnes said his first two years were more enjoyable than this year because we were able to be a lot more involved with the school and not as limited towards attending sporting … Continue reading Kai Barnes-Newspaper Staff Member