People of Rockhurst-Michael Kuklenski

         The alarm sounds at 6:45 on another Monday morning. Michael Kuklenski reaches out and silences the noise, then proceeds to climb out of bed, put on his robe, and make his way upstairs to eat breakfast. “My dad has poured Life cereal for me already, with a peeled banana.” Kuklenski is ready to tackle his day, where he balances difficult classes, … Continue reading People of Rockhurst-Michael Kuklenski

Chiefs Headed to the AFC Championship Game

     The Kansas City Chiefs are off to the AFC championship game, having defeated the Indianapolis Colts 31-13 in the divisional round on Saturday. It’s the first time the Chiefs have won a home playoff game since 1994, having lost their previous six post-season home games. This huge victory also marks the first time Arrowhead Stadium will host an AFC championship game.          Patrick Mahomes … Continue reading Chiefs Headed to the AFC Championship Game

Top Fantasy Football Performers of 2018

  Patrick Mahomes – What do I even need to say. The guy has racked up the most fantasy points by far at 332.7. That’s 50 more than the next best guy. Mahomes has had an unreal first season as a starter, and let’s hope it continues into the playoffs for the Chiefs. If you’ve got Mahomes on your roster, you’re probably competing for a … Continue reading Top Fantasy Football Performers of 2018

Summer Service Series-TIE TN

Service is crucial to the Jesuit experience, and it helps students truly become “Men for Others.” The Total Ignatian Experience service program offers great opportunities for students and faculty members to drop everything and travel away for a week of service. The program includes trip to places such as Tennessee, Tijuana, and Guatemala, and rising sophomores have the opportunity to engage in a retreat-oriented service … Continue reading Summer Service Series-TIE TN