NFL Refs: Dropping the Ball

     The NFL is becoming notorious for the numerous amounts of no-calls and “tic-tac” fouls being called or not called during the course of games. A great example of this was during the 2018-19 NFC championship which saw the New Orleans Saints face up against the Los Angeles Rams.      With a minuteContinue reading “NFL Refs: Dropping the Ball”

Rockhursts Favorite Lunches by the Numbers

Here at Rockhurst, we are blessed to have some of the top shelf food provided to us by Flik. Flik works very hard every single day to provide food for over 1000, kids every day of the school week. Many people believe that Flik is not a great system for food distribution at a highContinue reading “Rockhursts Favorite Lunches by the Numbers”

Chiefs Stomp the Patriots: Week 1 Review and Season Outlook

Last Thursday, NFL fans across the country received a gift that can seldom be matched: the first NFL football game of the season. Rookie running back Kareem Hunt was pivotal to the Chiefs’ success on Thursday, finishing the night with 246 yards and three touchdowns. Additionally, Chiefs’ all-star wide receiver Tyreek Hill played an excellentContinue reading “Chiefs Stomp the Patriots: Week 1 Review and Season Outlook”