A Tribute to Kansas City Jazz: From Basie to Bebop featuring Bobby Watson.

Kansas City is known for many things. It is called “the city of fountains” and people travel from near and far to try our barbeque. One of the most prominent features of Kansas City is our rich history in jazz. Showcasing this at the Kauffman Center for Performing Arts was Bobby Watson in his program,Continue reading “A Tribute to Kansas City Jazz: From Basie to Bebop featuring Bobby Watson.”

Carter’s Corner: Perspective of Prayer

I have a challenge for you. I challenge you to write down a list of everything in your life that upsets you. Write down every challenge for yourself and your life that you are facing right now. Now, how do you want to get rid of that list? It’s easy. Develop a different mindset forContinue reading “Carter’s Corner: Perspective of Prayer”

Walking and Rolling Week 1

Every kid has a memory of going trick-or-treating. Dressing up, getting all excited and running off your porch. Having such a big smile ringing the doorbell to your first house. Halloween always sparks a time meant for fun in a child’s life, but what about children with disabilities? Halloween makes this time very difficult. KidsContinue reading “Walking and Rolling Week 1”