Album Reviews: Post Malone and J.Cole

The month of April was a huge month for rap and hip hop with two of the biggest names releasing albums. Post Malone release of Beerbongs & Bentleys on April 27th and J.Cole’s release of KOD on April 20th showed numbers music billboards have never seen before. Post Malone’s new album Beerbongs & Bentleys isContinue reading “Album Reviews: Post Malone and J.Cole”

Ode to the Centennial Commons

The summer of 2016 marked many important changes to Rockhurst. Arguably the most important change that comes to mind is the addition of the third floor Centennial Commons. As students swarmed into school the first day of the 2016-2017 school year, many rushed up to the third floor to see the new additions. These additionsContinue reading “Ode to the Centennial Commons”

The History of Art: An Exhibit at Kemper Arena

For Black History Month  I went to see “The History of Art”, a series of 110 paintings that lines the walls of Cafe Sebastienne at the Kemper Museum. The exhibit features paintings from the Kemper Museum’s permanent collection. This collection was created by Frederick James Brown. Brown was best known for his portraits of jazzContinue reading “The History of Art: An Exhibit at Kemper Arena”

Cross-Lines Kansas City

     Declan Shea and I will be at Cross-Lines Kansas City as our senior service project location. Cross-Lines mission statement is to “provide people in the Kansas City area affected by poverty with services and opportunities that encourage self-confidence, meet the needs of today, and provide the tools for future self-sufficiency.” I strongly believeContinue reading “Cross-Lines Kansas City”

The Diviners hits the Rose Theatre this Thursday

The Diviners revolves around a small town in Indiana during the Great Depression. Suffering from a severe drought and a lack of a religious leader. This leader figure appears with the arrival of C.C. Showers, a former preacher from Kentucky who befriends and attempts to help a boy, Buddy Layman, who has refused to comeContinue reading “The Diviners hits the Rose Theatre this Thursday”

Rockhurst places bigger emphasis on “Time and Space”

With every new school year comes new policies meant to help us a cultivate a better learning environment. This year administration has placed a large emphasis on “time and space.” “We want guys to be able to use their entertainment and to relax during their free time. But, we don’t want it to detract fromContinue reading “Rockhurst places bigger emphasis on “Time and Space””

Tweets and the President-elect

While, the recent election has incited a number of different emotions. President-Elect Trump has taken to twitter many times to let the people know what is on his mind; however, many find these tweets questionable from a Presidential candidate. President-elect Trump has 19.5 million followers on twitter. This makes him the 70th most followed personContinue reading “Tweets and the President-elect”

The Junior Class Gets a Closer Glimpse at the College Application Process

As the fall semester comes to a close, juniors are beginning the first steps of the college search process. The College Counseling Office, held mandatory seminars for all juniors December 7-9. These seminars covered topics such as ACT/SAT requirements, the transcript release process and how students should use Naviance. “There were three goals of theContinue reading “The Junior Class Gets a Closer Glimpse at the College Application Process”